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What to Expect When You’re Expecting

You’ve just found out that you’re pregnant. You’ve told your spouse, your parents, and your friends. You’ve picked up the books, the magazines, and even starting perusing the baby aisles. Once the initial excitement wears off, trepidation sets in. You’ve never been pregnant before – everything that you know about pregnancy you’ve learned from watching movies like Nine Months and Knocked Up. Are you really going to crave pickles and ice cream? Will your chest really look like water balloons have been jammed inside your bra? What is false labor? It’s completely natural to feel scared, worried, and confused. All first time mothers experience anxiety throughout the pregnancy; so don’t worry, you are not alone.

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Pregnancy can be a scary time, but the last thing you want to do is stress yourself (or your baby) out by worrying about what may be coming next. Now is the time to read up, get educated, and talk to others about what is coming. In this case, knowledge really is power. Knowing what lies ahead during this period of rapid change can do wonders in keeping you stress-free, so that you’re able to enjoy the journey.

It’s likely that you have already experienced symptoms before determining that you are pregnant. During the first twelve weeks you may notice several symptoms, long before your bump becomes visible to the outside world. Bathroom breaks will triple, you’ll develop a superhuman sense of smell, and your breasts will become sore to the touch. Some woman may suffer from morning sickness. Don’t let the name fool you, though. Morning sickness can strike at any time of the day, but don’t panic- it usually clears by week fourteen. During your pregnancy, you’ll hit a new level of exhaustion; feeling a strong urge to begin taking naps.

The second trimester (beginning at week thirteen) is a welcome vacation from the grueling symptoms of the first few weeks of pregnancy. During this time, the body has begun to settle into its new role of forming life. You’ll feel more energized than before and will finally begin to look the part of an expecting mommy. What once looked like bloating will now begin to show for what it is- a little miracle forming inside of you. Of course, this means that you can begin to expect the rapid weight gain associated with pregnancy.

At twenty-eight weeks, you enter your third trimester. The energy burst you felt during the second trimester has begun to wear off, leaving you feeling fatigued. Weight gain continues throughout this period, leading to a new rash of symptoms including shortness of breath, insomnia, itchy skin, stretch marks, and varicose veins. Your baby will be becoming larger and more mobile, so expect those adorable soft nudges to turn into sharp kicks and twists as baby attempts to find a comfortable position. You may find walking difficult, switching to a waddling motion as baby begins to drop into your pelvic area in preparation for delivery.

While pregnancy comes with many tedious symptoms and changes, it is well worth every minute. Savor this experience and take the time to bond with your unborn child. Remember to eat well, drink plenty of fluids, and visit your doctor regularly.

This post was written for Romanian Mum by Glenn Josephik.  Glenn is an account representative and the marketing coordinator at MedCorp LLC, the industry leader and premier business source for used portable ultrasound systems. You can follow Glenn Josephik on Google+.


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