Living Arrows #19

This week we spent lots of time outside again – after all is sunny and warm most of the time. Even when it rains it’s still very warm for this time of the year so we continue to spend lots and lots of time outside – which is great really!

During the week Miss A joins me for a walk to Miss K school drop and pick up. And then in the afternoon we spend most of the day in the garden or we go out to the park. The girls – love both as they love spending time with each other.



One reason they love it here so much is because they have so many close friends and it doesn’t matter where they are going they will always be met by a familiar face.

Anastasia and her friend Clara

So that I am not too boring with the amount of pictures I put here I created with the Party Party app a short video which I am sure you probably saw it on my instagram account too.

Fun!Fun!Fun! #kids #outdoors

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  • Alexandra @dontcallmestepmummy

    These are beautiful captures. I love the one with them smiling together and you can really see the difference between their curly and straight locks. xx #livingarrows

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