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My little, my world/Romanian Mum Blog

Life doesn’t give any moment of respiro these days. My girls are both very active and when I take them out at the park I never have a moment when I just can sit down and watch them playing. You see my youngest is a very active little lady so I can’t really let her run around like I used to leave my eldest when she was her age. Even my eldest is way more active now…you see her one moment and then…you don’t! Well is the same about both of them really!

Only that with my eldest as she is 6 I am not always afraid that she will put herself in the harm way. Can’t say the same about my 2 and a half year old! With her I run most of the time while she laughs hysterically!

This is why I find it really hard to take pictures when I am with them outside. Caring my SLR while running after her is not very easy. I trust that soon she will stop with the running so I can take some nice pictures on our days out and about.

This is why most of my pictures are inside or in the garden but I am sure you are not complaining. There are still beautiful photos isn’t it?

My two babies/ Romanian Mum Blog

Because they are growing up together (unlike my sister and I) , they share everything the friendship between them continues to grow. You should’ve seen them at their friend birthday this weekend. My eldest was so protective with her young sister.

Now that Kara is learning how to read she is practising with her sister. It is not easy as Anastasia is getting bored quite fast but she doesn’t mind. She loves her sister and her sister loves her.




Kara loves that sometimes her youngest sister lets her play with her like she is a little doll. Kara brushes her her, she put kiddy makeup and lipstick on and even acts like she is her mummy. That part is the most interesting as through the way Kara acts with her sister I can see the way I am acting with them. I love it when she is kind but sometimes she wants to be more bossy(like sometimes I need to act) and it makes me feel sad as I don’t want them to remember me like that when they grow up.



I like them to remember the good bits the bits that count – my love for them, the trips we take, the fun we have, the best.



What really make my heart melt in the past week though was when I heard Anastasia saying the following to her sister as she was preparing to get out of the door:


“Kara….I lobed you…kiss…” and then she stretched to hug and kiss her sister.

Followed that hug and kiss Kara smiled looked into her eyes and said “I love you too little cheeky” and kissed her forehead again.


How beautiful! I start crying instantly as that was just pure happiness! This is a moment I could’ve missed if I wasn’t here for them so I was reminded that the decision I took a couple of years ago was the best one.


“You are the bows from which your children, as living arrows, are sent forth.”

 Author: Kahlil Gibran
My little, my world/ Romanian Mum Blog

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