Bracknell is not London

I stated the obvious didn’t I?

Gypsy Lane

As you know we used to live in South West London until a couple of years ago when me and my two girls moved back for a while to my hometown – Medgidia,Romania. It was a hard move and the transition…oh my…from a busy working life to a “quiet” life as stay at home mum.

Well if you are like me you know that life with kids is never dull and boring or quiet is just different isn’t it.


So when it was time to comeback and visit daddy (until now he was the one making the trip to Romania) we were all very excited and I must admit…a bit scared too.


My eldest, Kara was the most excited to see daddy, to see her friends…but then a couple of days ago when we were driving through Bracknell she said out of nowhere… “I like our life before in London. I don’t like it here.” She actually said what I was thinking too. Bracknell is a beautiful green town with lots of things to do for kids but they are all out of our reach(I don’t have a driving licence) and as kids are still in school there are no kids out in the park. I mean my eldest loves her sister but she misses playing with kids her own age.


Plus she repeatedly said that she misses her grandparents and her aunty. Maybe now that the weekend is coming all will be different as we will see some of our friends.


I was hoping that there will be some Sure Start centres close by but they are too far to worth the trip so we spend our mornings walking to the town centre, which is not very big because they are upgrading it with new shops and going to the local park,which is mostly empty or kids are not willing to play with my girls.


All very different from London and my hometown…In London there was something to do always. Around where we lived anyway and in my hometown…although there’s not a lot to do…people and places are more familiar.

IMG_6701 IMG_6753 IMG_6800

Bracknell Good Parts So Far:

  • Very Green – parks everywhere
  • The Look Out Centre (will tell you more in another post)
  • The Library – welcoming staff and some kind of play area filled with books and stuff toys
  • The New Leathern Pub – again nice and welcoming staff, playing area for the kids, large outside sitting area
  • Time we spend with daddy
  • The no so hot weather
  • The Houses are really pretty


Since husband had to move here for his job I kept wondering how will it be to move back to UK. Now…I am not sure what to think. No friends here and I am sure it will be quite hard to make friends here so…maybe now is not the time to comeback.


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