Enjoying Outdoors

I am so happy that my daughters get to spend so much time outside and so close to their grandparents. A couple of days ago my mother was cutting the grass in the garden and my two were all over her!

They loved to help their grandmother, touch the grass and smell its freshness of course. There is not a lot to say just watch them!

girls girls1
Look deep into nature,
and then you will understand everything better.
-Albert Einstein


I Love Kara’s face in the picture below she has the same cute face she had when she was just a baby. These days she acts more like a little lady.

Kara supergirls

Kara supergirl

Anastasia Kara supergirl

I am so happy that my girls learn to enjoy the simple moments that life offers them away from tv or iPads!

This is how our life is at the moment – we enjoy as much as we can the moment without rushing through.


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