The Kinovo Wireless Speaker BTX270

So there you are, the sun is out, sky is blue and all is well on this slow Sunday afternoon. When the unmistakable smell of smoke drifts over the rooftops. You hear the sound of glass breaking and people shouting. Looking up you see an helicopter hovering above, only to see it shot down from the sky leaving a black trail of smoke and death behind it.

You calmly fold up your garden chair and decide to relocate yourself to the front garden. Once there you settle back to witness this, the end of days. You reach over and crack open a fresh beer while all around you there’s running and screaming.

It’s at this point that you realize there’s a distinct lack of music. Chaos like this deserves to have a theme tune. If society is going to fall and chaos is to take a grip on the world then surely it should do it to a great soundtrack. This is when you spark up the Kinovo Bluetooth speaker……

But wait. I’m getting ahead of myself. Here I am, about to provide you with the perfect soundtrack to the fall of human kind, and you probably don’t even know what a Kinovo speaker is.

Pause, rewind. Let me begin again.

The Kinovo Wireless Speaker BTX270

From the beginning everything about this speaker oozes simplicity. The packaging is simple brown card with basic black print. No fancy, glossy pictures, just a simple informative design. After all, you don’t need to see fancy pictures emblazoned on the box. By the time you see the box you’ve probably already decided to buy one.

Its like when you put on a blu-ray disc and the first thing that comes on screen is a promo for blu-ray. Why do that, you have to own the blu-ray to see the promo for blu-ray. It makes no sense, its stupid. Unfortunately, most packaging is like this but not the Kinovo box.


You see, simple and functional, exactly what packaging should be.

Once inside the simplicity continues, one speaker, one USB charging cable and an instruction book.


There’s no mains charger but lets face it, in this day and age we all have numerous mains/USB adaptors. Just about every mobile phone comes with one, and we all have laptops, PC’s or MAC’s from which we can charge. Even in our cars we have USB chargers for our sat-navs. So do we really need another mains plug? No, not really.

On the side there’s a mini USB port for charging, 3.5 mm jack port (line in) to attach a non USB device and, of course, an on/off switch.


Pairing is easy and once done (like a good Veloceraptor) it remembers. So when you next switch on the 2 devices they immediately seek each other out.


Once attaching a source the Kinovo handles the music admirably. First off I tried some Slipknot (after all this is the soundtrack to the end of days) It sat there solid and resolute when faced with thrashing guitars and angry vocals. It didn’t quake or shiver, not a tear was shed in fear. It’s a brave little speaker.


So at this point I thought I would guide this brave little speaker into the realms of darkness and fear with a touch of Marilyn Manson. I must say, it showed true spirit when faced with the bass ridden intro to Killing Strangers  (as featured in the awesome movie John Wick. See it if you haven’t already, and see it again if you have)

It showed true respect for the source and didn’t shy away from reproducing the dark sounds of Manson.


All in all, you could certainly do a lot worse when looking to buy a Bluetooth speaker.

So there you have it, a brief introduction to the Kinovo Wireless Speaker. A brave little beast and perfect for broadcasting the soundtrack to the end of days.

Till next time……


Disclosure: We received this product in exchange for our honest review.

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