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Since changing my job just over a year ago I have become a well-travelled man.  Sometimes in Europe but mainly here in good old Blighty!


That means, of course, that I have stayed in a multitude of hotels. Ranging from the basic to the luxurious, depending on what’s local to the place of work. But one hotel, or should I say chain of hotels, that I am never afraid of booking is Premier Inn.

I find I can always book in confidence when it comes to Premier Inns. The beds are extremely comfortable (sometimes the best sleep I get) and the rooms are usually quite spacious and clean. There is always a good supply of shower gel and towels in the bathroom. While in the bedroom you will find the usual TV and kettle, with coffee, tea, sugar and milk.

It was with this in mind that I and the family recently stayed in the Premier Inn at Drighlington, Yorkshire. We ordered a family room (2 adults 2 children) for one nights stay.


IMG_3101As always the room was clean and comfortable, me and Otilia finally got to have a good nights sleep, and the girls each enjoyed having their own big comfy beds to sleep in. Little cheeky kept pointing out the moon on all the Premier Inn signs. This was something she carried on doing through the next couple of weeks, every time we past a Premier Inn.



One of the great things about a lot of the Premier Inns is that they share the site with Brewers Fayer. Drighlington is one of those sites. Here they have a large indoor play area for kids and also a large playground outside, should weather allow such a thing as playing outside. The girls had a great time playing both indoors and out. It’s a great family environment.

Food is always quite tasty as well. Though don’t pay too much attention to the menu if it states that a dish is spicy and hot. As usual, so-called spicy dishes are about as spicy as a nun’s diary. But that doesn’t mean they are not tasty. Just not hot. And the range of food is always good and reasonably priced. (if its connected to the Brewers Fayer then you will find a great selection on the children’s menu, as well as children’s activities like colouring and puzzles)


For breakfast there is the usual selection of cereals, yogurt, fruits and pastries. Then there’s the traditional English breakfast. Always a good start to the day!

Though I can only recommend the fried egg. Any other type of egg and you get that horrid synthetic stuff that you find in MacDonald’s. Vile plastic rubbish that it is.

Of course there is always room for improvement. After staying in many Premier Inns around the UK I have realized that they don’t seem to be aware of that glorious food stuff called Black Pudding. No English breakfast should be without it, so I say, ‘Get in the Pudding Premier Inn!’

And while I am at it, how about some proper real ale! None of this generic rubbish!

Of course there is always a black sheep in the family. Typically, just before writing this I stayed in the Premier Inn at Sittingbourne and while the bed and food were perfectly acceptable the room carpet definitely needed a clean. It wasn’t filthy dirty but there was definitely a slight odor about it. But Don’t let this put you off, I have stayed in many Premier Inns and this is the first time I have encountered this.

Usually they are very clean and tidy, and the staff are exceptionally helpful.

So if you’re heading off soon then don’t be afraid to try them out. I can guarantee you a good nights sleep.

Till next time…..

Premier In Old Brickworks

Disclaimer: We were asked to review our stay in Premier Inn in exchange for a stay for free.


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