Disneyland Paris – Around and the playground

Disneyland Paris   Disneyland Paris

I promised you that I will tell you everything about our trip there and I almost did but I still have a few things to tell you about. If you want to relax and let your children get wild but not just sit in some queue then you should definitely just take a walk alongside the river and watch the birds or just pay a visit to the Disneyland playground.

Duck - Disneyland Paris Disneyland Paris

Love how this birdie looks straight at the camera like she is asking…”What are you doing with that big black thing?”


The above is just outside Disneyland Paris really but if you stay at any of the hotels from the resort you will have the pleasure to walk around these parts anyway.

Kara at Disneyland Paris   Disneyland Paris

The playground I am telling you about sits right next to Pocahontas Indian Village. I like that area of village as it is very green and full of trees and benches and places you can just sit and relax. The girls had fun there without expecting anything extraordinary to happen. Well Kara did have her face painted (and mummy) because it was StPatrick’s when we visited the playground and it was of course celebrated there.

IMG_8900   IMG_8942       IMG_8918 IMG_8917 IMG_8916 IMG_8915 IMG_8913 IMG_8912 IMG_8911 IMG_8909 IMG_8905   IMG_8897

Hope you enjoyed this short trip through Disneyland Paris although it might’ve not been as interesting as the other posts you read here.


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