Walt Disney Studios – Disneyland Paris

My favourite part while at Disneyland Paris back in march was the visit to Walt Disney Studios. I really enjoy the ride through with the bus and visiting the props and lets not forget hearing things about the special effects used in movies.

Lots of photos in this post but I really hope you enjoy them!

IMG_9611 IMG_9612


IMG_9614 IMG_9617 IMG_9618 IMG_9622 IMG_9623 IMG_9625 IMG_9626
IMG_9627 IMG_9628 IMG_9629 IMG_9631 IMG_9632 IMG_9633 IMG_9635 IMG_9636

Hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures. I didn’t take that many pics as I thought that you will enjoy a movie more especially at the part where the special effects are demonstrated. Prepare you will be surprised:

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