A new beginning

The new school year officially started today in Romania. This day also marked the beginning of new things for my girls. While Kara is starting Year 1,  Anastasia is also starting her 1st year in Nursery.


For Kara the start of Year 1 means that she will start to have homework and to be graded. I think it will be difficult for her and it will take a while for her to get used to be graded with Insufficient, Sufficient, Good or Very Good. It is a big step! I am sorry I didn’t take a picture so I can show you her face when she was told that tomorrow and the day after tomorrow she will be tested at language and maths…

However, I am hoping to make all this transition a bit easier by giving her my full attention after school. You see my youngest is starting nursery but it is a long day nursery so it means that Kara and I will have 4 full hours alone –  from 12 to 4 PM.


A new beginning

It will be really hard to leave my baby girl at nursery so long but it will give Kara and I the opportunity to bond again and to truly show her that I am there for her whenever she needs me. After all ever since her younger sister was born most of my attention went to her…it is normal I guess…So in a way their places will switch – I will spend more time with Kara starting this year. It breaks my heart as I will need to let my youngest go to play , eat and sleep somewhere else when in the last 3 years she was always with me.

I could’ve taken Anastasia to a short schedule nursery  but that wouldn’t have given me the necessary time that I need to spend with my eldest to ease her way in Year 1.

I love them both dearly and I really hope that my decision is a good one.

Like any other decisions in life things can always change so all we need to do is give a try and see how it all goes!


Good luck my precious little (still) angels! I am here for you no matter what until the end of my days! I love you so much!

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  • swapna

    I sent my kid to pre nursery when he was all of 1.5 years old! and i couldn’t wait to have 2.5 hours to myself! And he loved school too so it was a win-win 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Good luck with your new routine and hope that Kara settles in quickly to Year 1, it sounds like a big change! I think it will be lovely for you to spend some time with her, you mustn’t feel bad! I used to keep my younger daughter at her nursery during the school holidays so that I had a few mornings a week with my son when he was off school. It was so nice to be able to do something together, even if it was just reading or crafting at home without being interrupted by a smaller one, like you say

  • Cerys

    This was me last year – it was a hard transition for my eldest from play based to homework and levels but over the year he’s adapted and finished off fantastically. I hope they settle well

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