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Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

Christmas is two months away but I am the kind of parent that likes to be prepared so I already started to look for presents for my girls and for close friends. My husband thinks I exaggerate but I just don’t like buying overpriced toys and gifts.

Instead I buy toys, face creams, jewellery and whatever else I need when they are severely reduced in the sales period or from websites like The Works that always have reduced prices. Believe me it is better for your pocket to do so and it saves a lot of time and rushing around in December. Plus my eldest list for Christmas is just growing over the whole year. Every time she sees something she really likes and I’ll say it’s not the time for presents, she says –

“I wonder if Santa can bring me this?”

Oh childhood…so innocent!

So what would I buy right now for my two little girls? You might imagine they like dolls and castles like all the other girls but since we visited Cardiff and Doctor Who Experience venue they started to like all Doctor Who things even more. My little one likes the Daleks a lot while my eldest likes Clara. We bought them a few things from that venue but I noticed that online the same stuff is a LOT cheaper.

So if you have children that love Doctor Who as much as mine or more why not have a look at these fab picks from The Works website?

Doctor Who DVD Board Game – £10

Doctor Who DVD Board Game


Although my eldest is only 6 and a half I think it could be a good investment and she will be delighted nevertheless and I also know one old kid(husband) that will love playing it too!

Doctor Who – The Visual Dictionary – £10

Doctor Who - The Visual Dictionary

We already bought this book for our daughters but online is a lot cheaper than at the venue so don’t be fooled like we were if you visit.

But The Works website doesn’t only have gifts for the lovers of Doctor Who you can also find other stuff that are more girly. Here are some of the things I thought are quite a good value:

Sofia The First Tea Set – £4.99

Sofia The First Tea Set


Barbie Fluttering Butterfly Shoes – £4

Barbie Fluttering Butterfly Shoes

Secret Patterned 2016 Diary – £4

Secret Patterned 2016 Diary

Secret Patterned 2016 Diary

Jacqueline Wilson Bake It Kit – £3

Jacqueline Wilson Bake It Kit

Barbie Princess Purse Set – £8

Barbie Princess Purse Set


Some really good bargains don’t you think? We are not planning to spend a lot on the Christmas presents this year (not like in previous years) so some of the above will definitely go under the Christmas tree for my girls.

Are you planning to save money this year too?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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