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Cora Jord Wood Watch Review


Over the years my parents bought several good watches for me but I was never keen on any of them as after a while they all gave me an itch followed by quite a nasty rash. They were all made by some kind of metal and even though I also tried some with a plastic bracelet the metal that was just behind the actual watch was still giving me an itch.

So this is why I was so keen to try the Jord Watches when they approach me for a review. I was lucky to choose the design I liked and I chose a watch from the Cora series – Koa & Rose Gold.





It took me a while to make it work as I am so unfamiliar with watches in general but as soon as I start wearing it I fell in love with it! I am not kidding!

Although the bracelet is made out of wood and you would expect it to be quite rough to wear it’s not at all. The watch is quite light and do you know what the metal on the back of it doesn’t give me an itch which means there’s no rash!


I really can’t find a fault with this watch. I just wish I had more that’s the only thing – different colours and shades for different occasions. The best bit about the watch is the fact that it is automatic – so no reason to look for pretentious batteries at any time. You just need to look after it and treasure it!

If you have girls like me sometimes you might need to hide it too as they will insist to wear it too! My eldest is quite annoyed the bracelet is too big for her!

“Mummy…can I have your watch when I am 10?”


I really hope it will last as I would love to pass it on to my daughter. Time will show if it will. For now i will just enjoy wearing it with every occasion I get.

Every night I have to put it nicely back in it’s little compact wooden box so that nothing happens to it. Unfortunately is quite uncomfortable to wear while I sleep.

If you would like one of these watches why not check out their website and their social media channels as they are full of fabulous pictures and i am sure that you will find one you would be eager to buy.

Disclosure: For the purpose of this review I received this beautiful wood watch which I now own. Thank you very much to Jord Watch team!

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