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A tragedy struck Romania #Colectiv

Romania is mourning. I am mourning too. A bit over a week ago Romania was struck by tragedy when a club from Bucharest burned down. When the fire started In Colectiv there were more than 400 young people in the club. They were all there for a rock concert – Goodbye To Gravity – a band I didn’t know about before this tragedy but since then I started to listen and love their songs.

Many died that night in the fire and many continued to die from the burns and wounds caused by the fire. It was terrible and it continues to be one of the biggest tragedies in the last 10 years. The tragedy is even bigger because of how young the people affected are…all between 15 and 46 years old.

My heart is weeping for the young souls that gone and for the ones that are still battling to survive. And if they survive – let’s pray they will – their life will be forever affected and there is no question if they will suffer…they will suffer…

The reasons behind the tragedy…I don’t want to speculate too much – the official story at the moment is that the fire started from a firework…that are voices that say that it was an intentional fire put by someone….I don’t know…the questions are many… why did the club burn? why so many people died? why they didn’t have an emergency exit at the club? why fireworks inside? what kind of person, human being with put fire to a club filled with kids? So what if they like rock music?

I like rock and if this concert was happening ten years ago I would’ve probably been there…

When will the clubs and bars and schools and nursery and house will start to be safe for all of us? Why there are not fire alarms everywhere like people have to have everywhere else around the world? When will the corruption stop?

People across the country blamed the corruption and the fact that with money you can bend any rules…they say that this is the reason why the tragedy happened…and this is why lots of people went out in the street.

Piata Universitatii

Well there were two reasons – in support and to mourn the people that died in Colectiv and against the corruption of the government and prime minister. The demonstrations are still going now 7 days on although the prime minister resigns only 12 hours after it started. Besides him tow other officials resign…the owners of the club were arrested for not having the right papers and approvals for the club…

The president appointed a new prime minister…a technocrat that doesn’t belong to any party and it supposed to create a government that is build after the same rules.

I really don’t know what the faith of my country is…I really hope that the corruption is over, that people are finally awaken and they will be more caring and better with each other.

For now my heart is with the ones that died and the ones that are still battling to survive so for those I am asking you to pray and maybe even donate a bit from your bit.


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