Bran – A place like no other


When I am in the mountains I feel like I am finally home. I was born near the seaside and one would think that the sea should maybe be where I like it best. But it’s not.

The green of the trees, the fresh air,the kindness of the people you can find up there…all makes me feel more alive and like life it’s worth living. Saying that I can’t quite believe it that this year I visited the mountains after a 10 year long absence.




Bran “city” is full of history and stories about Dracula but as I said that’s not what attracts me. After we visited Bran Castle we spent quite a lot of time walking around the museum of the romanian peasant that’s positioned just outside the castle. We walked, we admired the buildings that represent different times from our romanian history and we admired (and bought some) the merchandise that the villagers were selling.

dresses dress branvilless

You can find lots of beautiful and traditional things in the villagers shops but if you want merchandise that is Made In Romania and not in Turkey or China then I recommend you to buy from Bran Castle – well just at the bottom of it.

bran8 bran6 bran5 bran4

And of course how we could not take some pictures with the girls and grandma and I sneaked in one of the pictures too which is really a premiere.

thegirls2 thegirls mama girls1 girls


Bran is a commune in Brașov County, Romania. It lies at 30 km from the city of Brașov and is composed of five villages: Bran, Poarta, Predeluț, Șimon and Sohodol.


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