Egg Carton Christmas Tree

Make Egg Carton Christmas Trees

Egg carton christmas tree


At the beginning of the month I was showing you our egg carton caterpillars and I said that we also made some Christmas trees. Well is not yet december but thought that is time to show you our craft.

Egg Carton Christmas Tree



  • egg carton
  • green and red paint
  • pipe cleaners
  • brushes
  • scissors


  • If you plan to let your kids cut the cartoons and they are quite young like mine (under 7) are┬áthen you should cut the little “cups” yourself. You can of course let them do the rest alone.
  • Using the end of your scissors make little holes on the top of each “cup”;
  • Let your kids go wild with the green paint – my girls had green paint everywhere but especially on their hands and nose as they keep scratching it ­čÖé
  • Let the paint dry
  • When the paint is dry use a pipe cleaner to run the cups through it, after each “cup” I twirled the pipe cleaner a bit so that the “cups” are more spaced from each other.
  • If you have a little bit of the pipe cleaner left above the last “cup” then fold it a bit in a bit of a circle like a decoration;
  • Using red paint make little dots on it
  • Let it dry

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