Chocolate cake

Happy 3rd Birthday Anastasia!

Last week – on the 2nd to be more exact – we celebrated my youngest 3rd birthday! I know! For all of you who remember my traumatic afterbirth probably wonder like I do where the time pass?

And as one parent does I tried to spoiled her as much as I could especially because her daddy was still away! I bought juices and mini cakes for her to take to nursery and celebrate her birthday with her friends there and I also baked a cake with chocolate like she wanted and had a couple of friends over. It was simple but she enjoy it lots! Just look at the pictures below and you will see what I mean!


Just look how happy she was at nursery! I mean this is why I have no doubt – she is happy there without me and just enjoying playing with her colleagues. Ps: I was not there when the below pictures were taken!

Anastasia's 3rd Birthday 23587564826_d44bb6bea7_z


I guess she was also happy to be in the centre of attention – she received hugs and kisses and they all sang for my little daughter.

My love,

You are now 3 years old and I am in awe! You grow up so nicely and so beautiful! Your cheeky smiles make my day better. And those blue eyes….You are BEAUTIFUL and I am sure you will grow to be more and more beautiful by the day.

I was so scared that nursery will be too much for you as when you are the youngest there. But no…after less than 2 weeks you absolutely demand to go to nursery! Even when I want to keep you home because you cough or you have a runny nose you tell me…”mummy….I want to go to nursery”… There are days when you actually run towards it! I am so happy you are happy there – you made lots of friends and your romanian improved so much. You have friends you look forward to see and your teachers only tell me good things about you.

The last thing your teacher said was: “I congratulate you for having such an exceptional child…she’s so happy and kind with her colleagues!”

That surprised me in a way because at home with your sister and I, you are sometimes so volcanic and noisy. But we love you and forgive you for it! I sometimes wish I could tell you more “NO!” but I am weak when it’s about you..maybe because we went through so much together.

You are fun to be with and when you are around nobody gets bored! Sometimes you are too much for your sister as she is tired after so much school, ballet or homework but you have your way of making her do exactly what you want! Such a strong little girl!

I am looking forward to see you grow and flourish, to see your personality develop! I am hoping you will continue to be strong minded as I really think that it will help you later in life.

I love you!

Happy birthday princess!

Chocolate cake



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