My new 2016 project – #SkyBlanket

This year I decided that I don’t need any New Year Resolutions . Well not like my usual ones – I want to lose so much weight, I want to travel more, I want to paint my hair purple etc.

Of course I still want to lose weight but by focusing only on that I get tired and sick of counting calories so when I heard about the #SkyBlanket project from  Aly and Joanne I start thinking. I am not very good at knitting or crocheting but thought that maybe it was time for me to learn both and start creating nice memories for my girls.

Plus by doing a blanket I will actually do something that can give me accomplishment. Not that losing weight will not…But if I concentrate on knitting/crocheting in the evening I might not concentrate on EATING! Maybe I can just switch from the comfort of eating to the comfort/relaxation of knitting/crocheting…

My #SkyBlanket 2016 project

So this is why on 1st of January this year I started knitting…crocheting was scaring a bit too much! I started and restarted several times and was just not very happy with it so the second day…on the 2nd I thought that it will be goo to just give crocheting a go…So I open youtube and search for the most easy to do pattern…and I stumbled across this tutorial…

It’s very straight forward and I think that anyone watching it would think..”oh I think I can crochet after all…” . And so I started and although the first square is way bigger than the last one I crocheted…I don’t mind it. I love that I am progressing even though my blanket my end up to be a bit wonky.

The project is meant to be like this…crochet/knit one row or square per day for a whole year inspired by the way the sky looks…At first I said that I will crochet one per day but it seems quite a lot…I mean 366 squares is quite a lot. I don’t even know how big I want the blanket to be…I just know that I want it to be big! Yeh! My friends and my mum think I am a bit nutty and they don’t understand why I started this project…I mean when do I will get the time to crochet all these squares?!? My mum keeps telling me how to or how to not crochet but I am just on my own path…I know that I will learn from my own mistakes and who says that my first ever project has to be perfect!?!

My 2016 Sky Blanket project
Like any other beginner i didn’t choose my colours or the thickness of my wool very wisely. I need to use 4.0 mm crochet , have about 4 colours in total and if I combine them they will just be a bit too tick…So I am sticking to the following:

White – when it snows and the sky is white

Blue – when the sky is blue of course

Grey – when the weather is just miserable and grey

Dark Blue – when it’s stormy and rainy outside

My 2016 Sky Blanket project

I might introduce a different shade of blue for the summer days but will have to wait and see…

If this project is something you would like to try although we are already on the 7th of January  (I am sure you can still catch up if you want too) then do please pop over Aly’s and Joanne’s sites and there all is explained a lot better.

My 2016 Sky Blanket project


If you would like to be up to date to how I keep on with this project why not subscribe to this blog and follow me on Pinterest where I already started a Sky Blanket Board – there you can see my blog posts, my fellow bloggers blog posts and of course inspiration for any crocheting.


Follow Otilia Stocks’s board Sky Blanket on Pinterest.

Do let me know if you are joining this project so I can pop over your blog if you have one and see how your Sky Blanket looks like,

Happy crocheting everyone!


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  • julie

    wow your blanket is looking lovely . Well done , I would love to learn but I don’t follow instructions very well I do like to sew though.

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