Outdoor Snow Activities

Outdoor Snow Activities

Because we live in Romania we are lucky enough to have snow at least a couple of times a year. As you can imagine my girls love playing in snow so every time it happens to snow is quite hard to get them indoors.

They have a lot of fun there’s no doubt but I think I used to have a lot more fun in the snow when I was a child. Maybe because there were not as many cars on the streets as they are now and my parents used to join in with the fun too…I don’t know…

As we are preparing for some more snow in the next couple of days I thought it will be fun to create a list with activities that me and my daughters should try out this time around, things I used to do when I was a child.

Maybe we will inspire you to try them out as well!


  • Build a snowman! – The girls did it already for this year when it snowed last time. It was small as it wasn’t a lot of snow outside but they loved it as their father helped them too.

How to build a snowman


Ours it’s quite small so the following doesn’t really apply but if you would like to build a proper snowman here are some instructions: Roll some balls big or small. You normally need three – a really big one for the base, a medium one for the middle and a smaller one for the head. Put the balls together from the biggest one to the smallest one. Find rocks for eyes, twigs for arms and get a hat and scarf to wrap him up!

  • Go sledding!


Get a sled, or two or more if you have a big family and just go out! When I was a child we used to use anything we could find too…a big plastic bag or just a cardboard! Sledding is fun for kids and for adults! We use to put together 2-3 sleds and created a “bob” and then we all use to just go together! These days one of these can only be achieved in the mountains but it is great fun so you should try it out too!

  • Snowball fight!!!  – Oh yes big or small we all love a bit of snowball throwing! Make teams and throw at each other, have target practice its all great fun! Having special winter gloves will help you a lot as otherwise your hands will get quite wet and cold!
  • Make footprints through the snow! – This is very enjoyable especially for the youngest of kids. We usually go in the park as it’s quite big and we have more chances to be the first ones touching the snow.
  • Make snow angels – For this one you have to make sure your kids are dressed well. I get my girls dressed in their snow suits when we want to do that (and not only) as they keep the girls warm and cosy in the cold. You should also join in with the kids! If your kids are like mine they would love to see you getting dirty and they will probably jump over you!
  • Get snow all over you by sitting under a a tree and or just by letting your kids get snow all over you!

Outdoor Snow Activities

What are you up to when you go out in the snow? Do share the activities you do with your family?

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  • Coombe Mill - Fiona

    Oh such fun, I’m loving all the snow scenes around the country this week. Sadly we have been left out of the fun in Cornwall again but one day I look forward to dusting down our sleigh and building a snow man. I just hope we get some before my kids all grow up and leave home. I think 2012 was the last snow we saw! Thank you for sharing all your snow ideas on #CountryKids

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