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The Look Out Centre – Discovery

It’s been a while since we visited The Look Out Centre in Bracknell but the experience and the fun we had there its still vivid in our memory. It was great fun there! And while you relax with a coffee your kids can play happily without the danger of getting bored! The centre is not huge(inside) but it has lots of interesting activities that your kids will enjoy and also have lots to learn from – science activities, discovery, water activities and lots and lots of balls and bricks!

We visited the centre a couple of times as it was really close to the place my husband lives and as he has no outdoor space outside his living arrangements The Look Out Centre was our first choice. As you will see on the website The Look Out Centre has lots of outdoor space as well as indoor space. Both areas are separated by age so if you have kids with a big age gap difference than it’s quite good as they can both play in areas that are appropriate for them.

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You can truly spend an entire day at the Look Out Centre – indoors and outdoors and you or your kids will never get bored. Maybe tired but bored not! If you want to spend all day outdoors than all you will have to pay for is the parking and your lunch – there are picnic tables outside. You can buy your lunch and drinks from the cafe or you could simply bring yours with you. And if you ran out of supplies and you don’t want to pay the cafe prices the you can visit the nearby Sainsbury (2 min drive) and pick up anything you want.

If you want to spend your day inside – it’s raining or simply you just want your kids to experiment the attractions in there than you will have to purchase tickets. We found that the “Saver” – family – option was quite good for us – 2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children (under 4 free) for £19.45. They also have discount for groups, school visit or parent and toddler days so do check out their website before you visit.

And if you think that the outside playground and the indoor discovery science centre might not be enough for you than I need to tell you that there are more options available around. The Look Out Centre is surrounded by miles and miles of forest – Swinley Forest –  where you can walk, bike and build houses out of wood. Also at extra cost you could also visit the Go Ape centre just outside placed in the same forest as the Look Out Centre.

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Hope you’ve been inspired by my post and pictures and you will also visit The Look Out Centre with your family. And if you do so please do let us know how it all went.

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