Stay Still

As my girls continue to grow and flourish the days seem to get busier and busier and also shorter and shorter. Both girls learn new things every day at school and at nursery so our conversations and the questions they ask change.


From simple questions like “Mummy why some people are smaller and others taller?” to more deep questions like “Did God really make the whole planet in only six days? I mean…how can one person do so much in such a short time?”.

Their questions, especially the questions my 6 years old is asking become harder and harder to answer and sometimes I wish their father was living with us rather than across the ocean. When two parents are present all the time questions are easier to answer and discuss…there are to brains to dissect the question of “little” minds.

While my 3 year old is just discovering the world and continues to amaze me by the fact that she speak so easy two languages as such a young age, my 6 year old is trying to find out more about her own body and how life works. It’s strange…and I didn’t think that at a such a young age I will speak to her about menstruation…it’s not that time yet…but she simply wants to know “Why women become pregnant and men don’t?” , “You and daddy still love each other…why don’t you make another child? I was 3 when your belly started to grow mummy like Ana is right now!”…

I am trying(and have to admit struggling) to find the right words to answer and explain especially because I don’t want to lie to her. Well…I still lie my 6 years old when it comes to Santa…Although I know she doubts Santa exists I want her to still believe in him a couple more years at least. I think if she will not believe anymore a piece of the magic of childhood will disappear…I remember how disappointed I was to learn that Santa was not real…

I want my girls to continue to be kids, I want their life to be filled with the magic of childhood for as long as possible, I want to protect them for what’s after childhood…Thinking that in no time they will be teenagers makes me feel sad…

Please time don’t slip through my fingers! Stay still!


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  • julie

    Bless , children are a wonder and it amazes me how quickly they grow and change. Your girls look so happy and the littlest one in nursery ,and both happy learning and enjoying life . You must be so proud.

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