Easy Origami Envelopes

Easy Origami Envelopes

Happy 1st of March everyone! Can you believe it’s already spring? The first two months of the year past way too fast and I didn’t even feel like it was really winter. I mean it only snowed a couple of times and that was all! Otherwise it was quite a mild winter with days that went up to 21 degrees here.

Now although it’s 1st of March and the first day of spring is very cold and it’s raining! Pretty miserable start of spring…But in Romania we still celebrate “Martisor” today though so in preparation to this day my girls and I done a lot of crafting and this is how I teach myself to make envelopes too.

I even filmed myself created a couple of these envelopes and uploaded them on YouTube and Facebook – wanted to find out where will they do better. Will let you know about that at the end of the week.

Facebook link – https://www.facebook.com/RomanianMumBlog/videos/vb.469766753145100/909038005884637/?type=2&theater

If you would like to make your own then all you need will be:

square paper – I used a A4 paper



coloured sticky tape 




I really like doing origami and hopefully soon I can show you some more difficult designs as well.

Easy Origami Envelopes


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