Sky Blanket 2016 Project - Solid Granny Squares

Sky Blanket – {2)

At the beginning of the year I was telling you about my 2016 challenge – knitting/crocheting a blanket inspired by the sky colours. As you know I then started by knitting and end up switching to crocheting – never thought I will end up doing that. Turns out I really enjoy it as it really relaxes my mind. It’s actually my “go to” activity when I feel stress out and in part it replaced my love for blogging. It certainly leaves me a lot less time for it.

I am not sure how long in time I’ve been spending crocheting but considering that I’ve been doing at least one square per day there must be quite a few dozen hours piled up by now.

I started crocheting the easy way – single stitch but then one of my friends bought a crocheting magazine for me and the I discovered the solid granny squares. This is how I decided to give them a go and just fell in love with the stitch. And as the rest of the squares where too big and different sizes and I took them all apart and crochet them as solid granny squares.

I even documented everything on Instagram back when the squares were starting to pile up.


This week stack of squares #crocheting #diy #blanket #skyblanket #crochet

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As I had to re-do some of the squares for a while I had to play catch-up but my stay in the hospital (for my laparoscopic gallbladder surgery) and during the recovery after I managed to catch up with everything and I am now where I was supposed to be – 70 squares.

Sky Blanket 2016 Project - Solid Granny Squares


Tonight I also started to stitch them together…woohoo! I’ve been reading a lot of posts and watching a lot of tutorials online but until today I didn’t really like any way of joining together.

As I really liked it and she also has a great tutorial for crocheting this Solid Granny Squares Pattern I decided that I am going to share with you too. So below you will find Bella Coco tutorials for the pattern and joining – the same I am using for my Sky Blanket:

Isn’t she great at explaining? I know this is quite easy for some of you that are taking part in the same project but considering that I only started with it  at the beginning of January I think it’s quite good!

Sky Blanket 2016 Project - Solid Granny Squares

Sky Blanket 2016 Project - Solid Granny Squares


As you see from above pictures I chose to stick with the colours of blue and grey that I started and to add a spot of white too. There will be full blocks when the day was the same all day or with two or three colours when the weather changed through the day. For the border and to join I chose colour white as I like how it contrast next to the main colours and plus every day you can see a bit of white in the sky – the clouds!

I am really keen to try a new pattern though and I might start a mood blanket too…who knows…?

Pinterest is full of ideas and if you would like to keep and eye on my posts there and on other ideas from fellow bloggers why not check it out?


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