Kids Fish Craft

Fish Craft

A couple of months ago we bought our girls beta fish – one for each of them. Since then my youngest wanted to make her own multicoloured one so a couple of weeks ago when the weather didn’t allow us to spend time outside we did just that.

Fish Craft



crepe paper – two or three favourite colours

1 small piece of cardboard

fish template





  • Print the fish template
  • Cut out the shape of the fish from the template
  • Cut the crepe paper in small little pieces

Fish Kids Craft - Romanian Mum Blog

Fish Craft

  • Put the template on the top of the cardboard and with the pencil draw a line all around the fish
  • Cut the cardboard with a scissors or a cutter depending on how thick is the cardboard
  • Using your fingers or a wooden stick put glue on top of the cardboard fish
  • Scatter the crepe paper on top of the cardboard
  • Let it dry
  • Play

Kids Fish Craft

Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it? It is really easy and the kids really enjoy doing it at any age – my eldest is 7 and my youngest 3 and they both really enjoy it!

Print out the fish template.

Fight template


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