We made a bird house

Well..not me exactly…the girls and their daddy. I just snapped some pictures really. It was a while ago so they are all really well dress as you can observe from the pics. Daddy built the house out of thin wood – not sure how that exact type of wood is called and they all painted it together.

How to build and paint a bird wood house

They used some of the acrylic paint that mummy makes sure she always has around the house. They wanted to make sure that they will rise colours that little birdies will approve with so they chose light green for the bottom of the house and light blue for the top and the edges of the roof with a tiny bit of red. As you can see the house was also complete with a door and two little windows.



As you can imagine the girls and their daddy were really excited for the paint to dry and put it up in our apricot tree. It took about a day for it to dry out.


It looks great and it is positioned right above the wooden play house that daddy made a couple of years for the girls! Every time daddy comes home he has a little project like that with the girls and this is one of the reasons why it is all so special. And they love their daddy even more because of it! 


It is still a work in progress but I am sure that with time our garden will become more and more ours and will reflect more our personality as a family. 

So what do you say? Do you like our bird house?


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