Paper Plate Rainbow Craft

Paper plate rainbow

Paper Plate Rainbow

We started this craft a couple of months ago when it was really dark and rainy outside so we had to spend our day indoors. You know how hard it is to keep your kids entertained when they have to spend the whole day indoors don’t you?

So although I had things to do around the house I gave my girls something to do too. As they were hoping to see the rainbow that day we started with that. The three of us done our own rainbow – I obviously had to show them how to do it.

So we started by cutting a paper plate in half and then we colour it with the colours from the rainbow – as each of us saw it:

Paper Plate Rainbow Craft

Paper Plate Rainbow Craft Paper Plate Rainbow Craft

As you will see above we’ve done more than one type of colouring that day. We were covered in the paint but we had fun. So when we finished colouring we left the paper plates to dry. That took a while and I as I said before we finished this crafting after a while. You can of course leave this activity at this stage but I wanted to make it more interesting for the girls and to be able to hang it up so real on to see how we improve it.

Paper Plate Rainbow Craft

Paper Plate Rainbow Craft

So we cut some crepe paper in different colours – similar to the colours that we painted the paper plate with and glued them on the back of it like in the picture above.

When the glue dried the craft was ready.

Paper Plate Rainbow Craft

Paper Plate Rainbow Craft

As the girls wanted to show them off to my parents and their friends we stick them with the wall. Aren’t they looking great? From left to the right the rainbows belong to my 3 year old Anastasia, my 7 year old Kara and mine!

Paper Plate Rainbow Craft


Paper plate

Paint in different colours – red, yellow, blue, white


Crepe Paper – red , yellow , blue, orange, purple


Paper Plate Rainbow Craft

Hope you enjoyed our little craft! Do let us know what other paper plate crafts you’ve been doing though so we can try them out too!


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