Bilingual European

Bilingual European

I really didn’t want to write this post. I mean I strongly believed that because I am not British I have no right to do so…but then every single time I thought about the future the fear just raised into my heart.

I might not be British but my husband and more importantly my daughters are. I raise them to believe that Europe is one big nation formed of people that happen to speak different languages and that when they grow up they can choose where to live. I told them several times that they will be free to choose where to leave even though my husband and I might live in Romania or not.

My eldest even tells her friends that one day when she will old enough she might move back to the country she was born in and that she will be free to travel and visit everywhere…

After the Eu referendum outcome last Thursday I am afraid to tell her it might not be the case. She was next to me when I was watching the news and when I was discussing about it with my parents and her daddy so questions arise anyway:

“Mummy, but what does it mean? Can we not go to England anymore? Daddy can’t come to see us anymore?”

All I could answer to her was…”You, your sister and your daddy will always be welcomed in England mummy…after all that’s where you were born and you are english. And of course you and your sister will always be half Romanian too so you will always be welcomed here.”

But then she asked: “How about you mummy? You are only Romanian….” and then a big hug followed.

I told her that we will have to wait and see, that I might need a visa in the future but it doesn’t mean that we will not be a family anymore. She was happy to hear that and in that moment I decided that I will not listen to any news anymore while my daughters are present. I don’t want to worry them. I just hope that they will never have to choose between being English and being Romanian as it will not be fair. They are both and they should be proud of it and in my opinion the fact that they are bilingual makes them even more European.

So I hope that politicians will choose wisely and never act on fully getting out of the European Union. I hope that all the racists acts that started to happen following the result of the referendum will not continue in the England and I hope that people will just go back on being how they used to be when we were living there. What I saw online made me feel afraid of even daring stepping into the country…not for myself but for my daughters. Can you imagine how will it be if they were to witness such an act against their mother?

Sad times.

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  • E Burton

    These are terrible times. I’m utterly ashamed of how my country is behaving and I just want to turn the clock back to last week and make it never happen.

  • Jen Walshaw

    I am ashamed of who over half of Britain voted, but believe that a lot of people did it as a protest vote as they feel lost, especially in my area which was an area heavily hit with the closure of our steel works. What has really upset me is the number of people who would have voted differently with the hindsight of just 2/3 days.

  • Nikki Thomas

    It is a very worrying time for us all and I hope that when the dust starts to settle, some of these politicians will start to get their act together and make some sort of a plan. It must be a worry for you but as your children have dual nationality I’m sure it will be fine.

  • Kara Guppy

    I am sure everything will be fine, it is all scaremongering at the moment. You and your girls also have the benefit of dual nationality so if you / they have a romanian passport you will still have access to EU membership benefits

  • Sonia

    They are really really sad times and I truly hope you do not have to go through any of the terrible things that I have read about online! As a British person I feel truly ashamed of what is happening politically right now.

  • Erica Price

    I am really sad about the vote and worst still some of the things that have happened since. I can’t believe the government is seriously going to go ahead on the basis of what was clearly a protest vote for many and one where many people had been misled.

  • Lauranne

    I couldn’t believe that Brexit happened and I am still in shock over what happened in America. Hopefully things can only get better from here as right now I am really worried.

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