Wedding in Bucharest

Sisters in June – travelling by train and a wedding in Bucharest

Almost a month since I last wrote on this blog…Time moves way to fast at the moment and I seem unable to face it. Husband was home for the last three weeks as well and we’ve been quite busy doing things but I still feel like I didn’t achieve anything.

My sister was here for a couple of weeks too before my husband arrived so there wasn’t so much time for blogging I guess.

We spent a lot of time together and because my husband had to work every day and my eldest had to be in school Monday – Friday we didn’t actually go away for long. We did go to Bucharest for a wedding though – but that was a Friday to Sunday thing. It was a good experience though – the first time away in Bucharest as a family of four.


The girls really enjoy the trip actually. It was the first time on a Romanian train for Anastasia and although she was scared to get on it at the beginning she truly enjoy it after that. She is such a chatter box that she couldn’t help talking to people. Sometimes I am scared she is so chatty to everyone…

Bucharest was so different because of the kids. I really don’t know if I could ever go back and live there again…so busy and so many rude people. Well…I guess that is life in a big city. London felt exactly the same when I visited it last summer. I guess as much as I don’t want to admit I like my comfortable life in my small little city.

My eldest, Kara was really excited about the whole trip and the wedding. She woke up really early the day we had to travel although our train was schedule late afternoon. Am I going to wear that white dress with a purple bow? So where are we going to go first? To the bride? The church? Where? Mummy, can your cousin make my hair too? How late are we going to stay at the party?

All these questions because she couldn’t wait for the actual moment to be lived! I know I used to be like that when I was a child and annoy my mum especially. But as much as I can I try to answer all questions – silly or not as silly. I think it is a good way to make kids feel included. And as you can see from the below picture she had her hair done.  My cousin Irina is a really good hairdresser so she  arranged the hair for all of us – mine, Kara’s and Anastasia’s. Not my husband’s obviously as he has no hair! And because of it we finally met her son for the first time. He is such a cute little boy and the girls were excited! Especially my little one Anastasia!

The wedding ceremony was hold in a beautiful church in Bucharest. We didn’t have the DSLR with us but I snapped all I could with my iPhone. I love how easy it is to snap sweet family moments with it.




It was a real good ceremony and I mostly loved the choir that was singing while the actual ceremony was going on. My eldest as she was one of the “bridesmaids” she stand next to the eldest ones. I was really proud of her because she resisted quite a while standing – the orthodox marriage ceremony goes on for quite a while…

After the church we went back to the hotel we stayed in to rest and prepare for the evening party. You see in Romania the wedding parties are going on so we had to make sure the girls were rested enough to resist at least until 12. Despite all our efforts our youngest Anastasia still fell asleep by 10 PM exactly when the party was properly kicking off. But I always knew it was a possibility no matter how long she would’ve slept at lunch because she is so used to be in bed by that time. Bless her she was so cute sleeping on the chairs.

At least they had fun by 10 PM though as there was a candy bar and they ate everything available and plus there was an instant photo cubicle and they spent quite a lot of time in there with their father taking picture after picture.





My eldest, Kara insisted to stay longer at the party although her little sister fell asleep. We didn’t leave our little one at all but she just couldn’t stay awake and when we woke her up to go home she was in good mood and it felt like she will never go back to sleep. But that was the moment went my eldest felt asleep almost standing on her daddy’s leg so around 12.30 we went back to a hotel where they both fell asleep really fast, I guess this is what  happens  then you go to a party/wedding with kids. At least my hubby and I managed to have a slow dance together and my eldest and I had a couple of traditional Romanian dances too.

The next day came fast and we had to head home. We didn’t have a lot of time on our hands so we chose to spend more time in the train station and treat the girls with a McDonalds which happens very rarely. After they finished they both looked really tired!


And of course Anastasia continued to be a chatter box on the way back and a lovely old lady was kind enough to spend quite a while entertaining my daughter.


The trip and party was a interesting experience that I think next time daddy will be home we might need to try again. Sometimes it’s just better to travel by train rather than by car.

What you’ve been up to this month?

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