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A holiday with my daughters

These days (since we moved back home anyway) we go on holiday as a family when daddy has a holiday from work. But as he is not coming until august this summer I thought that will be nice to treat my girls with a getaway to the beach anyway. Before he comes home we usually go to the outdoor pool in town or for a day trip to the beach.


We live only about half an hour drive from the beach but as I didn’t manage to pass my driving exam last year it is still quite difficult to get there without a car. Sometimes my dad is taking us but in the summer he is always busy with the hives so he is not available whenever we want.

So when my cousin told me that there is a room available at the villa she was staying on I decided that I needed to go! On my own! Just myself and the girls without daddy! A bit scary I must admit….but now that I’ve done it I feel quite proud of myself I must admit! Husband said that I mostly on my own with my girls so will be exactly the same but if you are a mum you know it is not. After all it is the seaside…anything can happen. As I was walking around the resort with the girls I was scared I will lose my youngest for example. But we are all home now and it’s been fabulous!

A holiday with my daughters

The villa was not very fancy looking but it was good it was right on the beach! Well with a big terrace and a bar in between. The girls were happy to find there was a little playground outside and lots of toys and a big screen TV inside.

The place we stayed in is called Villa Roxy and it is situated in Eforie Nord – we like the resort as it is more suitable for families with kids. Prices are quite good especially if you travel from UK ranging between £20 – £45 per night depending which month you choose to go but don’t expect luxury for it. Because of this price we were able to stay 7 nights and we end up spending more money on food, drinks and entertainment than the accommodation.

Overall we had a good holiday and the girls already miss being able to see and play at the beach everyday. We had fun although we missed daddy dearly.

The girls were really good and besides little disagreements and illnesses (Kara’s stomach bug second day of the holiday) like in any other family with kids everything was perfect. We got to spend our holiday with my cousin and her little boy and meet lots of other people. We don’t get to see my cousin very often as she lives in Bucharest and we both lead busy lives and rarely travel but it was good to finally and properly meet my nephew and for the girls to get to know their auntie and their cousin. We promised we will definitely do it again soon!

A holiday with my daughters

And I also promised my girls that we will do things like this again. We will go on train trips even and visit the Romanian cities I would love them to visit and know. Now that my youngest is almost 4 years old there is almost nothing stopping us from just going if we have the budget of course.

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