Handprint Tree Craft

Handprint Tree Craft

Summer is here now which means the school holidays started. With so much time on our hands is harder and harder to keep my daughters busy and entertained for long period of time when mummy needs to work and can’t spend all her time entertaining little minds.

There’s also quite an age gap between them so I need to find activities that are enjoyable for both a 3 year old and a 7 year old. Thankfully my 7 year old is quite happy to do activities that are probably even boring for her because she loves helping and teaching her little sister!


  • glue stick
  • brown thick paper
  • white thick paper
  • green paper
  • red paper
  • crayons
  • scissors
  • shape perforator

How To:

I should probably start doing some videos for crafts but I am still struggling with this filming stuff so for now it will be written stuff:

For the handprint:

  • Take the brown paper and a crayon;
  • Draw around each hand – left and right
  • Using the scissors cut around the handprint

Leaves and flowers:

  • Take the red and green paper and perforate the shapes for leaves and flowers;

Handprint Tree Craft

For the actual picture:

  • Take the white piece of paper
  • Put glue on the wrong back of the handprints and then stick on the white paper
  • Make sure the handprints are glued properly
  • Glue the leaves and the flowers as you like
  • Draw the sun and the sky if you wish to do so
  • On the back of the paper write down the name of the child who made the picture and the date

Handprint Tree Craft

Handprint Tree Craft

Handprint Tree Activity


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