A mother’s guide for travelling with children

This summer I had the opportunity to travel on my own with my two little girls. We spent a week at the seaside and a whole weekend in the capital. It was a bit scary I must admit but we managed despite all my fears.

So I encourage you all to dare and go on holiday with your kids even if you are on your own or you don’t have a partner. I have two fantastic little girls that really listened to me while away but still I had to make sure that they both knew how they need it to act.

Tips for Travelling By Car 

My dad drove us to the beach and although we are less than an hour away from the seaside I had to make sure the girls were comfortable in their sits and entertained.

  • Pack individual trip bags – food, treats, water and games. Like that you will not keep turning around to pass your children things as they can keep them next to them the whole journey and not only.
  • Pack water refills, food and treats in case they run out – you know how expensive they can all be at the motorway stops.
  • Entertainment – play spot the car games or the animal game or even prepare the DVD players that can be put on(I don’t like my girls to watch anything while travelling as they can be car sick)
  • Stop and Stretch – Especially if it’s a long journey.
  • Sing together – my girls love the Gummy Bear song!
  • If possible travel by night as then the kids can sleep through the whole journey.

Tips for Travelling by Train 

What I love about travelling by train is that the kids don’t have to be restrain to a car seat and they can move around and see more things through the window. It’s only a two hour journey to Bucharest from my hometown so not very long for two chatty little girls.

  • Like above pack individual trip bags – in this situation besides the above they also had some clothes. This also help for the future as it made them more responsible about things.
  • Set some ground rules – what the kids are allowed or not to do while travelling: have the sandwich rule on while waiting for the train (youngest in the middle between mummy and her eldest sister), never leave my sight while on the train, only walk around the carriage when the train its stopped as there are people getting on and off the train, listen music only by using their headphones,
  • Bring enough food and drinks for the entire journey. Buying stuff on the train can be quite expensive and stations stop are usually not long enough for a restaurant or shopping trip.
  • Bring treats – my girls always want dessert at the end of the meal so it’s only normal for them to ask on their journey too. Fruits and gummy bears are some of their favourites.
  • Entertain them (not as easy when you are on your own) – Make sure your iPhone/iPad is fully charged as you might not be able to do so while on the train. Also have a backup – a deck of cards, a small puzzle, colouring book and pencils etc. as they might not have signal to watch or play cartoons on their devices.
  • Keep the noise levels down and be considerate to the other people travelling.

Tips for the Beach


  • Arrive Early – If your hotel is far away from the beach especially as the beaches are getting busy really fast. Our hotel had it’s own spot on the beach and that was great but we still had to be there quite early if we wanted a spot near the water for example. We loved sitting right there as I could keep an eye on the girls and  our things all at the same time.
  • Plan with your children – This is so important. What are they going to take with them at the beach – toys, water accessories etc., who is going to carry and what. When you are on your own is important to take as little as possible especially if your children are still young and you need the bulk. My eldest helped a lot as she is now 7 and a half.
  • Bring your own snacks and drinks – It is better to do so as that means that you will not need to take money with you either. Plus, you will bring your kids favourites rather than get whatever you might find on the beach.
  • Set of rules – always wear a hat in the sun, never leave my sight, never leave without saying, don’t pass the adult in the water, never pick anything on the beach without permission, never swim alone, keep at the shore line.
  • If possible sit on the beach near a Lifeguard post – There’s a surprising benefit to being near the lifeguard station as it makes it easier for your kids to remember where you are in case you get separated. Just don’t sit directly in front of the lifeguard’s chair.
  • Don’t forget the baby powder as it is very useful to de-sand.
  • Never stay on the beach between 12 – 4 in the afternoon. This is when the sun is more powerful and kids are in the danger of getting sun stroked. Plus this gives you time to eat lunch and for an afternoon nap.
  • Bring along a first aid kit. It’s easy to get scrapes or cuts at the beach, and there’s nothing worse than not having some kind of first aid with you.
  • Don’t drink alcohol. While a cold beer can seem like a huge treat at the beach, it can quickly sap you of your hydration levels. Plus you need to stay alert for the kids.

These are my tips for travelling on your own and holidaying at the beach on your own. However if you look for travel tips in general why don’t you have a look at the below articles too:

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A mother's guide for travelling with children

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