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A bit over 4 years ago I met this incredible, talented woman Maggy Woodley the creator of Red Ted Art.  I already admired her as I used to try her crafts with my then 2 year old daughter.  It was a blogging event but I don’t recall which one now though. At first I thought that she will possibly totally ignore me if I started a chat but she didn’t. She is actually the loveliest lady ever and if you don’t follow her online already you should definitely do so. Now I leave you with the Autumn Crafts she proposes for preschoolers. 


Thank you for having me guest post today! I do love to craft and share lots of ideas! I have many very happy memories of doing Autumn Crafts for Preschoolers – when my two where young they adored anything crafty (they still do, but not it quite the same all enthusiastic way). We often crafted at playgroup and I also helped with craft session in reception (4-5yrs old, which is some countries is classed as pre-schooler!). So hopefully the ideas shared here today have indeed been tried my “youngsters”!! Also check out our Autumn Crafts for Kids, for a broader selection of ideas!

  1. Personally, I may be bias, but I think that these Stick Men are simply the CUTESTS!!!!! They are simple and easy and oh how we loved to make them! I have one stick “person” that my then 2yrs old clasped her hand around to fit the “dress” and it is still shaped like her little hand (well the inside of her first!). This goes wonderfully with Julia Donaldson’s Stick Man book!
  2. A firm favourite of ours are these Leaf Lanterns – they are gorgeous and lovely and oh so autumn. We first made them at toddler playgroup (yes that is right a room full of 2-3yrs olds) and I have made versions of this with the kids at school since.
  3. Another favourite are these Chestnut Snake. I love them simply because conkers (also known as Horse Chestnuts) are simply so beautiful and very very tactile. These snakes double up nicely as COUNTING toys or you can even practice your number bonds.
  4. I love Acorn Animals as they form part of my (!) earliest childhood memories of autumn crafts. We went out, found acorns and conkers and came home to make creatures.
  5. This is a great one not only to make but to encourage children to think about the their environment. Get making Pinecone Bird Feeders and feed our feathered friends during the winter months.
  6. Or make an Autumn Mobile. This mobile is all about what you can find in YOUR area. A great way of exploring what nature finds you may have. It is also a great STEAM activity – as the kids have to help balance each arm of the mobile.
  7. We have made Fairy House TeePees many times. In fact, not just in autumn… but autumn is a great time as you find all sorts of wonderful seasonal extras. What can you find in your local area and what is your fairy house going to look like?
  8. We also love these super duper easy apple jars! Aren’t they lovely?
  9. As a little bonus, we also have to autumnal coloring pages – harvest fair and woodland creatures!

So! Hopefully this has inspired you to go out for a nice long walk, see what you can find and come home to GET CRAFTY! Hopefully see you over on Red Ted Art again soon!



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