How do you choose your children school?

As a mother of bilingual kids that not live in UK I am always on the look out for websites that help me make my job easier. You see I am trying to teach my girls the english ways too although they are now living in Romania. Who knows when we will move back to UK and they will need to be up to date with life there.

School Reviewer

So when I was asked to share my opinion of the revamped School Reviewer website I was more than happy to do it. Although it might not be suitable for my needs now it is definitely suitable for the needs of millions of parents in the UK.

Plus it helps me decide if the Bracknell area( where my husband resides at the moment) could be a good place to move back with my girls too.

I really like how the site is structured and the things you can find and do. You can look for a nursery, primary or secondary school and even for colleagues and universities.

Educational establishments 


The nurseries, schools and universities on the site are all described in detail and they most have an Ousted report. When I searched for Preschool in Bracknell I was given a list with all the establishments from the area being them private or community. Plus I could see that all the establishments have categories named like “Parents Forum” – so parents catch up with one another , “Reviews” – I encourage all parents to review there as this area is a real great help for parents that are looking for a place for their children and “Buy & Sell” – here the parents and the school could sell school specific clothing, sports clothes or items etc.



Home tutoring is a huge topic and a massively growing business at the moment everywhere around the world. I love that on the School Reviewer website though everything is so organised (unlike anywhere else or in my home country). There’s a big list containing all kids of tutors for all kinds of topics. I would love to see some that offer tutoring online as well. Tutors are also able to update their information for free.


Their blog is full of resources and tips for parents. You can find everything from advice about how to get your child to follow rules to advice about what you should look in a private tutor.


This section is a great resource for parents and children. You have access to a range of video courses that show you how to score a 100% A+ on Math’s GCSE, SATs and 11+ question by question. After watching the free(there are paid courses too) ones I think that this is a brilliant way to help you and your children understand.

I love the site and how useful it is for parents around the UK. I just wish such a site would exist in my home country too. I think that all parents that will hear or stumble upon this site will be delighted to see how helpful and how full of information this site is!

Baroness Karren Brady endorsed the website and I love how well she describes it:

So what do you think? Are you going to use the School Reviewer website?


This post was written in collaboration with School Reviewer.

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