Little crochet owls and baskets

As /i run out of the necessary colours for my blankets – the sunny blanket and the sky blanket I had to think of something else to crochet. So I asked my girls and they of course answered – “Can you please make us some toys mummy?”.

Oh dear I thought…I cant’t crochet a toy…

So I had a look at some tutorials on you tube. Some of them really confused me! First I tried a rabbit but after spending a couple of days on it I gave up! It was useless! This is when I said I just need to learn how to crochet in a circle and a basket would be the perfect project to teach me.

After I was brave enough to try crocheting another toy – an owl! My girls love owls a lot at the moment! And why not they are quite trendy these days anyway.


I know they are not quite as you expect and I have a long way to go until my toys will look as good as the ones you can see on Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube but they are mine and my girls love playing with them.


If you would like to give it a try then have a look at the tutorials I saved on YouTube:

Owl tutorials I used:

Basket Tutorials I used:

So what do you think? Would love if you could share some of your toys projects with me as I need to learn more…as my girls demand more.

I also made a pan holder…hm…not sure if this is the right way to call it but I am really proud of it!


Speak soon and hopefully next time I will share with you my crochet project I will have at least one blanket finished! Until then why don’t you follow me on instagram?


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