Meadow Kids Sweet Shop Bead Bracelets and Giant Box of Stencils Sets – Review

Meadow kids

My girls are already used with the little surprises we receive every ones in a while in the post. It doesn’t happen as often as it used to happen while we were still living in UK but some companies love our blog so much that they send us gifts here in Romania as well.

Meadow Kids Girls Stencil Set

So while the girls were out for a walk with their father last week the delivery man brought these fab box sets from Meadow Kids (see above). Very thoughtful I thought as I opened the package. Both girls love playing with them and although at the beginning they said they belong to bout of them soon enough they chose their favourites – Anastasia the Bead set and Kara the stencils set.

Unlike other toys they have they seem to bring a lot of joy for my girls especially now that my youngest still has a cast on her left leg and she mostly needs to have quiet times.


We loved how colourful the sets are and the fact that they really teach kids new things and encourage their creativity. Since Anastasia started to use the stencils her hand is even more steady and she can colour within the lines.

Plus when they play with the sets they give me that quiet time that sometimes us mums needed so much! So encourage you all to have a look at their site.

meadowbeds-jpg meadowstencilss


We don’t have any criticism about  any of the products (although we wish we we had more colourful pages to draw on but that is easy to fix with some white paper) as you can see from our video below:

We apologise our video was filmed with my own phone so the quality is not excellent but we wanted to show you our first impression of the products. I think that is so important. Also every now and then you will hear us speak in Romanian but that happens often when you live in a bilingual house like ours.

If you would like to have a look at the products we were sent through and the rest of the products that Meadow Toys has on offer than please click on the first two images in this post and they will take you straight to their site or simply  visit this link



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