Road to Recovery

Time never disappoints. The last few months I felt like I didn’t have time to stop. It’s been so busy and once again I have a baby. That’s because my 3 year old, Anastasia had to have her left leg in a cast for about 5 and a half weeks. We had to go back to wearing nappies and sleeping with mummy and having to bath in a small bath tub rather than in the shower, she had to also be carried everywhere and moved around in a pushchair.

The entire story’s been heartbreaking for us and for her especially…Now the cast is off but full recovery is still a long way from where she is. She only started to stand about a week ago and now she walks but not very well. My heart breaks and smiles every single time I see her struggling.

Thank God the accident was not worse than it was and there is still a chance for her to recover fully.

I am still scared though. I have dreams that things will never be the same again for her. I fear that she will have to suffer all her life because of this accident…because someone else’s child didn’t care enough.

Although they are now two weeks exactly since her cast came off she still can’t go out without a pushchair but I am hoping that soon enough we will be able to do so. She’s missing nursery a lot too and her friends. It is so hard for her to see her friends playing and running around in the park…

Sometimes she gets really upset as of course it is quite frustrating for her – she wants to play and run like all the other kids but she can’t.

But Anastasia is still that happy child she’s always been. She smiles and laughs and takes advantage of every single thing she can do better every day.

We are both more strong that I thought though. I know that its still a long way to go until she will be fully recovered but I also know that we will be ok no matter what.

It worries me that the doctor didn’t want to make a radiography to see if her bone is perfectly recovered. But as far as I can see from how she walks she is getting there…

My 3 and a half daughter is my star and I really hope that this is the last hop she will have to pass. At least for a while…


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