Hard year

The month of October is here and I can’t quite believe how close to the end of this year we are. 2017 is less than 3 months away.

It’s been a hard year. The worse part was when my youngest had her left tibia fractured. The worst 24 hours ever…

I had to rely on doctors and specialist around my daughter and I. And believe me Romanian hospitals are at the opposite poll from the British ones. Nurses and doctors are still acting like they are doing us a favour by acting nasty at times and by letting us wait for hours on end.

Thank goodness Anastasia’s cast is now off and although she still has a long road ahead before walking and running like she used to  I am happy to see her going back to her old self.

I feel like with her I never been able to stop the bad things… Ever since she was only four days old she was put through the worse. At 3 months old she had chicken pox.  When she was 18 months old she had to go in the hospital with enterocolitis. And this year it’s been an endless list of colds, throat infections, stomach bugs, pinworms infestation and the hype the tibia fracture.

On top of that she is still prone to little accidents – she seems to always bang her head, bite her tongue or lip and yesterday she even burn her thumb. I left the nightlight on and she put her thumb on the bulb.

I know that most of the above is because she started nursery a year ago but I still feel like I am failing my child sometimes. This is why I feel like I always need to protect and spoil her. I have a constant fear when it comes to her… I mean I was unable to protect her from that bike when she was standing only half a metre away from me. How can I not try and protect her from everything else?

I just hope that everything will go back to normal and soon she will be a normal child with normal illnesses like her eldest sister.

So although this year is almost close to the end I am actually happy it is. I am looking forward to start afresh if possible.


How was this year for you?


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  • JuggleMum, Nadine Hill

    Sorry to hear about Anastasia’s accident, but these things can’t be helped sometimes, so please don’t blame yourself. She is well now – that’s good.
    2016 has been a mixed bag for me – so incredibly wonderful in a lot of ways but some very dark moments too. But that’s just life isn’t it? We all get the bad and the good. You have to have the crap to appreciate the great. The best we can do is to keep smiling and carry on!

  • Jen Walshaw

    It can be really hard looking after children especially when you feel that there is something wrong with them. Maxi was the same in the first five years of his life too. I can not imagine going to a hospital and people being like that,

  • Teri

    Sorry to hear about Anastasia’s accidents and sicknesses.
    My daughter, while in Kindergarten, was sick ALL THE TIME, because she didn’t attend nursery school, so her first exposure to colds, flu, chicken pox, was in Kindergarten. She was prone to ear infections, at one point put on a very low dose of antibiotics for a couple months. I don’t condone the over use of antibiotics, but she was constantly with the ear infections.
    She was also born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which is a brittle bone disease. Her’s (as is mine, same disease), was a mild case, so only a few fractures in her lifetime. But she was an active child, had to tell her no so many times!
    But she’s all grown now, she’s a nurse at UC Davis Hospital in Sacramento CA. Just be a good mom, feed her healthy foods, sometimes say no, and love her.
    Maybe a bit of advice: maybe you do this already, but our rule was: When you enter the house, take off your shoes and go straight to the sink and wash your hands. Fewer germs were brought into the house by ALL of us.
    Being a good mom is hard. We all feel for you!

    • Otilia

      Thank you so much Teri! Your words brought me tears. I find it so hard to tell her…not to run or jump…she is a child after all.
      Yes we have that rule too about washing hands…I guess if I had a husband to rely on every day everything will be a bit easier.

  • Kara

    Sorry to hear she has been poorly, we have had a couple of bouts of pinworms here too having never experienced them before. Hopefully next year will be much better for you all

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