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Our 2017 Winter Holiday

Happy New Year everyone!

I know it’s been a while since I wrote on this blog but we’ve been quite busy during the winter holidays. Between celebrations, my work as a freelancer in the world of digital marketing and our prolonged trip to the mountains there was no time to spare whatsoever.

But i’ve missed a lot writing here and I had to comeback and share with you a little bit about our last month.

We were really happy that daddy was able to stay almost 6 weeks with us but as expected that made saying goodbye a couple of says ago even harder for all of us but especially for the girls.

Christmas and New Year Eve were both spent in the comfort of our home. We like it like that though. I could never imagine having to travel during the Christmas period to a warm place like some of our friends did. I like to spend Christmas morning at home with a cup of coffee or tea in my hand and watch the girls unwrap their Christmas presents. Seeing them smile and enjoy their presents is the best thing the whole world.


They both got the same dress from Santa this year so of course the Christmas outfit was this exact dress! We now have a tradition – a picture in the front of the tree every Christmas. Only started last year though…LoL. And this year we just couldn’t convince Anastasia to lay next to Kara. Well…the pic it’s still great don’t you think?

And I also shared this picture with both of them on Instagram:



Christmas this year was most relaxed than last year. It felt like that…It was just us – the four of us – and my mum and dad. We had dinner at our house, we laughed and danced. It was good!

For NYE my dear friend Luminita and her family came around to celebrate. We didn’t’t do much…we were all just a bit too relaxed i think but it was good. We went to sleep at around 3 am and slept most of the next day and in the afternoon we met again. It was good to spend time together.

On the 2nd of January we went away to the mountains with the same group of friends. Ah..I forgot to tell you…We bought a car! Yes…so at this time around it was a lot easier to move around and to travel! I still don’t have a driving licence but hopefully will have one by the time that hubby will come over again. I really need one…especially because there’s a car parked outside my house just for me. Woo…only thinking about it makes me feel nervous!

Anyway…the time we spent in the mountains was great! The place we stayed was really nice and cheap! The weather was beautiful and it snowed like in fairytales.

We stayed at a place called “Casa Magica” and we strongly recommend all of you to book your stay there too! Its only a 3* hotel but really looked after. The food at the restaurant is great, although the restaurant is a bit too busy at times, and you are very close to the Kalinderu slope, if you like skying!

Busteni - Azuga

Beautiful isn’t it? The Carpathian mountains are really nice and I urge you to come and visit my country – during the winter or during the summer. Romania is a beautiful country.

The girls enjoyed it a lot, both of them although Kara enjoyed it considerably more than Kara.

Sometimes the weather can be unpredictable though and you might be stopped from travelling or you might be stocked in the mountains for longer than expected. You see…the romanian roads are still not at the started of the european roads.

The same happened to us…well we could’ve listened to the warnings (snow storm across the south of the country) and leave home a day earlier but we didn’t. Instead we stayed that one more night and the next day we drove to Bucharest where we enjoyed another 3 nights – 1 with the same friends and another two at my godmother daughter home. Although we were stuck it was really nice as we spend some precious time with people we love dearly.

It was simply impossible for us to adventure on the road and drive back to my hometown when most of the roads were closed because of the storm. We were simply scared to leave with two kids in the car. So many left though, so many other families were stuck on the motorway snowed in…Thank God nobody was harmed in the end though.


Now we are all back at home. Daddy went back to Uk and we are back to our routine…school, nursery, work and the day to day life. We miss daddy dearly and we hope that soon we will be together all the time. The next time we will see daddy will be Easter so the count down has started…less than 3 months to go…I know a long time…

Our family picture








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