Garden furniture – dreaming of summer

The cold weather is still here so kids spend a lot of time indoors and that can feel quite crowded sometimes, Toys everywhere and a lot of havoc…This is why I love the warmer weather when kids can run freely through the garden and spend a lot more time outdoors. 

Spring is coming though – I like to think so, at least. Dreaming of it, craving for it, I decided to start thinking about how to arrange my outdoor space to enjoy it for pleasant moments of relaxation under the blue sky.

My girls loving spending time outside too. They like spending time in our garden – despite the fact that is not looking like a dream garden at the moment. We do have a little wooden house built by their daddy but that will soon outgrow them…time passes too fast.

My sister is also getting married at the end of the summer so renovations and upgrades are in order anyway so why not start looking for things I like too?

As much as I would like to decorate the garden for my daughters, I can’t help of dreaming of creating a romantic corner with some colourful garden furniture.  Green for him , yellow for me…how wonderful will it be…

But we are a big family – we are a family of four and with extended family (my parents, my sister) and lots of friends the romantic table will definitely not be big enough. We always end up not having enough space at the table despite having a big long table in our living room. 

Lovethesign garden table and chairs

As you can see from the above pictures I do love a bit of colour and even if you are not daring to try it out inside your home the garden is the perfect place for it. This is why I am recommending you Lovethesign and their outdoor furniture.

Believe me you will love it too. The site has everything to decorate your garden for the upcoming spring and summer. From little things like colourful beanbags to stuff like hammocks, colourful chairs and tables. 

One of the things that certainly is really appealing to me and I might persuade my hubby to buy a couple are the colourful beanbags. Did you have a look? Aren’t they so pretty? In our previous home, in London we use to have a couple of beanbags but had to leave them behind as it was such a big move. However, we always said we will buy new ones if we had the chance. And I really think our girls would love some!

Fashion Mini Bull beanbag Sitting Bull

Or maybe just a couple of the colourful kids garden chairs that look really nice too:

We will not forget about the green side of the garden though. We will probably plant some grass, as i love the idea of throwing a blanket on the fresh growing grass and relax and play with the girls. We all love flowers too so will also plant some summer flowers and purchase some flowerpots and hanging baskets to decorate around the house.

All gardens should have flowers – they bring smiles and happiness. 

Are you ready to say goodbye to winter and really looking forward to spring and warmer , sunnier weather? I bet you do! This winter was so long and it is still going but we can allow ourselves to dream though.  

Is your garden ready for the warm weather though? What are you planning to purchase or change in your garden? Would love to hear from you. 

Here are a couple of things you could think about before purchasing any kind of outdoor furniture though: 

  • Function and Purpose 
  • Comfort, Construction and Style 
  • Storage and Easy Care
  • Size and Shape Does Matter 
  • Colour Schemes

To find out more read – 7 Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture for Your Home by Essenziale. 

Disclosure: Written in collaboration with Love Design. 

Prepare your Garden for Summer

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