A mother’s guide to making space in the home

Taking care of the family and the home is always a lot of fun, but one issue that I am sure is familiar to all parents is how to make the most of whatever space we have in the home.

And so I thought that I would compile a little list of some of the best ways that you can create a little extra space by using ottoman beds, going vertical and implementing special space-saving zones. I love ottoman beds by the way! They are great to hide stuff like blankets, duvets and extra pillows.

Zonal living

It’s a weird concept but I’ve found that if I divide a room into different zones it can make everything seems a lot more ordered, less confusing and therefore a lot more functional. Our compact living room has really benefited by having a dedicated kid’s area and then a place for the multimedia systems.

Multi-functional furniture

I’ve also started getting really into multi-functional furniture for their space-saving qualities. Foldaway chairs have proven to be a real life-saver whenever we have guests round, but it’s ottoman beds like the ones at Bedstar that have proven not only to be very practical in their storage function, but they make sleeping so much easier to achieve too!

Go vertical

No matter how crowded your home seems, there’s always some flat surface somewhere that’s waiting to be used as a storage space. So whether it’s displaying those holiday ornaments on top of your wardrobe, or even just putting up some high-mounted bookshelves, there’s nothing like going vertical to clear some all-important floor space.

Find your nook

You can also think about going horizontal in finding extra space in your home. Whether it’s creating a nice little breakfast nook from that unused corner in your kitchen, or even installing a foldaway desk in the middle of a bookcase, it’s all about getting inventive and using your imagination.

Smaller items

So this one is a little bit obvious, but it’s worth saying that if your home is compact, then don’t fill it full of super kingsize beds and overly stuffed sofas. And rather than getting a big coffee table, think about how having a couple of smaller tables could do the job and be much easier to shift around!

The illusion of space

And finally if you’re still saving up for the ottoman bed and are constantly tripping over the ever-growing quantity of toys, then maybe use some aesthetic touches that can at least create the illusion of space. Soft and muted colours like whites and beiges are great for making a room seem bigger than it really is, and they’ll look great when accessorised with your lovely new ottoman bed!

A mother’s guide to making space in the home

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