10 top style tips for Busy Mums

I have never been that girl that received attention because she was dressed with style or following the latest fashion. I always dressed up to feel comfortable but it comes a time(and age) when you have to change something.

Now that my size is still at “plus” I certainly need all the help I can get and I am sure that some of my readers will also appreciate the tips from this Chums infographic.

These days is really hard for a woman(or anybody) to know what to wear for the transition into summer. This is why I love autumn so much – a pair of jeans or leggings and a sweater and boots it’s all you need.

Weather in Britain and all over Europe these days is so interchangeable through spring and summer so it’s really difficult to decide and know what to wear and how the weather will turn.

Do you brave of and wear your sandals or Is it a day where you can wear your flat shoes only and not your woollies? I never know..And I am always wrong anyway… These days I wear my flat shoes without socks, my jeans, a short sleeve top and i carry around a big sweater in my backpack along with a small umbrella. You never know how the weather will turn and you need an umbrella don’t you? I am all for comfort and according to the survey that Chums run, so its 63% of the people they surveyed.

Only 11% of the people they surveyed think that the current SS17 high-street trends cater for a number of different age groups and body styles. But over half of people (51%) surveyed don’t tend to follow the latest fashion trends at all.

Although I am not dressed after the latest fashion I still have a couple of tips for you that I try to follow as much as I can as i need to look my best. My girls are really observant these – they grow up and even though i am overweight when I dressed up or put some make up on they tell me I look beautiful. They walk differently next to me when they like how i dress up. They are the reason I try and lose weight and be healthy.

10 top style tips for Busy Mums

  • Wear what works for your figure (don’t wear short skirts if you have heavy legs like I do)
  • Dress for comfort. Some might not agree but how will you handle running after your children and wearing heels?
  • Classic always work. 
  • Always wear make-up – this is not something i comply with but i am certainly trying. Haha. At least a lipstick and a blemish cover should do.
  • Check the mirror before you leave the house. When you have kids you never know what you might find sticking to your clothes.
  • Never leave the house unless you are comfortable running into people the way you are dressed.
  • When you have the opportunity to really dress up. DO IT.
  • Always put on deodorant and a perfume. A nice one.
  • A smile is always in style.
  • Dress for the weather.

How do you manage to stay on top of the overcharging weather these days? Do you cherish the comfort like me or do you even go on your school run wearing heels? Do you have any tip to share with us?

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