Summer Skirts to Brighten up Any Wardrobe

Like a lot of women, I tend to mostly wear trousers. Of course, I have a few dresses, which I like to wear on a warm day. Plus, if there is a special occasion I will normally choose to wear a dress, but one thing I do not own many of is skirts.

For some reason, they kind of went out of fashion for everyday wear, but it appears that skirts are back in fashion . There are more available in the shops than there has been for many years, so if you have not worn a skirt for a while, now could be the time to go shopping.

Maxi skirts

These are the type of skirts I tend to wear the most because of my body shape. If the weather is changeable a maxi skirt is the perfect option. Provided you choose one that is made from a lightweight fabric, you will fill cool even if it is quite a hot day. In the evening, when the sun has gone down, or the breeze gets up your legs should still feel warm enough because the skirt is covering them. This cut is quite glamorous, so it is a good option for a party.

Panel pleats

For something more formal try a pleated skirt. These look great paired with a high quality blouse or top. You can easily wear this style of skirt to work or if you choose one with a bit of sheen for something like a wedding.

Chino skirts

If you prefer straight cuts a chino skirt is a good option. These make a nice alternative to shorts.

Pencil skirts

There are also some great pencil skirts available. In denim, they are perfect for wearing at the weekend. During the week, a smart pencil skirt paired with a jacket and a nice blouse is a great look to the office.

If you opt for a wrap cut they can also be good for wearing at the weekend. This style of pencil skirt allows more freedom of movement, so you can still go to the park and enjoy a kick around with the kids.

Lightweight summer skirts

Linen is a great material for the summer months. It is cool, lightweight and because it is made from natural fibres makes it easier for your body to regulate its temperature. There are some fantastic mesh and lace skirts in the shops, this year that should also be nice and cool.

Patterns and textures

This year, the colour palette is a bit muted. Mostly brown, beige, cream and shades of green. However, that does not mean that someone who likes to wear brighter clothes is left out. Most retailers are also selling bold print skirts. Many of them feature floral patterns, but other designs are available.

Choosing the right cut

We are all different. A style that looks great on me may not look so good on you, so if you have not worn a skirt for a few years I suggest you read this post before buying one. It quickly explains which cut works for which body type.

Do you wear skirts? What type of skirts to you wear? Would love to hear your tips on how to better wear a skirt too.

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