Top 5 reasons why Jackson Hole – Wyoming is perfect for a family getaway

We love travelling as a family and we always look for suitable places for us – where we could go and where we could all enjoy it. You know what I mean – somewhere where kids can play and parents can relax. Plus we all like to go out and discover so walks are a priority for us. This is why I felt that Jackson Hole cabin rentals could be really good for us as a family and for any other families that look for the same things as us.

I am sure you will think the same if you only had a look at their website or on their Instagram page. Jackson Hole cabins are placed in the heart of Wyoming, United States.

I know it seems far for a bilingual family that lives between two countries but our wish is to travel the world with our girls when money and time permits us and this place is certainly one that has a high place in our bucking list.

Top 5 reasons why Jackson Hole – Wyoming is perfect for a family getaway 

  • It’s different – what I mean is that is not at all as all the other family getaways like Disneyland or Legoland. Your kids will not have the same resources of entertainment like in a resort like the ones mentioned above but their fun and relaxation will be guaranteed by the surroundings. This is what our children need these days the most – somewhere where they can relax away from the screens and youtube and from the money making machines.Our children need to learn how to enjoy life in the middle of nature. 
  • You are surrounded by nature – all is quiet when you stay in the Jackson Hole villas as your place is just yours, private. Plus and your kids can visit the Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks which offer unlimited adventures for those who treasure the outdoors. Each park features its own brand of stunning scenery, educational opportunities and recreation activities. It would take two lifetimes to experience it all. Hand in hand with the parks is Greater Yellowstone’s spectacular wildlife. The region is one of the last in the 48 states where you can still see all the animals that lived here when the first Europeans arrived. From predators such as wolves and grizzly. The area offers lots of activities to do as a family: bike riding, ride the boat across Jenny Lake and Hike to Inspiration Point, take a horseback ride, float or fish the Snake River under the Towering Tetons, hire a guide to teach your family how to rock climb, kayak or canoe on jackson lake from colter bay or embark on a wildlife safari on antelope flats road.Yellowstone National Park
  • The snow – We all know that kids adore snow and playing in it. Well, during winter Jackson Hole Mountain is perfect for snowboarding and skiing. Fun for the entire family! The Jackson Hole Mountain resort is the primary resort in the valley and the property boasts several hotels and timeshares and an adventure park, not to mention a variety of dining options on top and below the mountain. However, the main reason people visit the resort is to take advantage of the skiing; located at the base of Rendezvous Mountain, the resort offers prime access to 2,500 acres of ski runs and 4,139 feet of vertical drop. And with over 400 inches of snowfall annually, it’s no wonder why the area is considered to be one of the best ski resorts in the country.
  • Jackson Hole Playhouse seems to be the best place for entertainment during the evening. “ This small dinner theater in downtown Jackson is housed in the oldest building in town, and is famous for its fun atmosphere and quality performances. The productions are so good, some past audience members have compared them to those on Broadway, despite the venues diminutive size. Guests are welcome to skip the dining portion of the evening and come only for the show, but a handful of recent visitors urged future travelers to reconsider — cast members of the night’s show not only serve the food, but serenade diners. ” – source US Travels.

  • The Granite Hot Springs – These are located about 34 miles southeast of Jackson. So if you are in need of some R&R you should definitely visit this place. This thermal pool offers beautiful views of the surrounding Bridger-Teton National Forest. The water’s average temps range from a steamy 33C in summer to 44C in winter. Visitors can also take advantage of the area’s scenic hiking and snowshoeing paths, or try whitewater rafting through the nearby Hoback Junction. Recent visitors claimed that the scenery alone is worth the trip. Nestled among the Gros Ventre Mountains, the hot springs are 7,000 feet above sea level, so you can only imagine the views your eyes will be treated to. Because the springs are located on the side of a mountain, the road leading up to the springs is not in the best of conditions.

Doesn’t it all sound like the perfect place to be with your family – young children or older children. It’s the perfect place to relax and connect with nature, no matter the season you visit – summer or winter.

The villas around the resort are beautiful and they have all you need. I’ve been looking quite a bit at the villas and I have to say I already found my favourite.

One of my favourites has to be the Granite Ridge Cabin 7596 – I love how small and quirky it is and I can very well see my girls running around it. Plus in the cabin there is a luxurious hot tub I would certainly enjoy.

Granite Ridge Cabin

Did you have a look at the Jackson Hole Villas? Which one is your favourite? 

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