My sunshine my silver lining

My sun…silver lining…

So it’s been a while since I wrote here…I don’t even know what I want to say but I felt the need to write. To take back some of the old me.

The me that would always find peace when she was writing. These days I am just a bit too busy for my liking and I must admit that I miss the days when I had the liberty to write what I wanted. I miss the days when this blog was just my diary – although looking back at some of my earlier posts makes me smile in an ashamed kind of way. If you are a blogger too you might know the feeling.

However, a long time ago I decided that this is my space and no matter what I will keep it mine. So if you are one of those that emails me to include don’t know what links – betting companies or sex toys…prepare as you will be refused. You will not even receive an answer…the email will be put in spam or simply deleted. This blog needs to be again what it was when I started writing here – my diary, my way of handling my depression which sometimes hits harder than I wish.

These days the only sponsored content you will see on this blog will be things I actually adore – anything related with travel, kids or lifestyle.

My family is still where it was last time I wrote you though. I am working away from home while looking after my girls and husband is back in UK. And not I don’t like being a single married mother but every day i realise how strong I am and how strong I become over time. The girls are older and they miss their dad a lot but as they see around many cases where fathers are away working…it makes it a tiny bit easier for them. And although I miss my husband I realise that we are all prone to sacrifices and this is the sacrifice we have to have.

Some of you my readers as some of my friends would not understand but I am happy that I am here 24/7 for my girls. i watch them grow, thrive and glow. As I was saying in one of this week posts on Instagram they are my sun and they keep life full and beautiful. I just couldn’t imagine my life away from them. I couldn’t imagine having to go away for work everyday and missing out on their everyday struggles or joys.

So happy that I got to the point where I can make a living of my own and fulfil every single wish they might have.

I can’t say that all is great! If you are parent too(or not) you know that life has moments when you just want to scream it out in a field. I have moments like this…sometimes more often than others but thankfully I have real life friends I can speak too. Talking with real friends that never judge you it really, really helps. It makes life a lot easier…*and a tear just went down my face…and another*. Oh how blessed I am to have friends that understand me,

Although I am still FAT, I am slowly admitting that this is me now. A lot has changed in the way I see myself, in my lifestyle and what I do to feel better. I am happy to say that I am finally recompensing myself with little things – a pair of shoes I always wanted, a mani-pedi or an hour away from kids away from the girls to exercise. I eat a lot more healthier things than i use to and I know that bit by bit I will become more fitter and healthier.

I wanted to be a lot thinner for my sister wedding this September and although I am not I am contented with this fact. So looking forward to her wedding by the way! I can’t wait to see her taking the next step into her life and I hope she will also be blessed with children next! My daughters can’t wait either! Will definitely share with you, my readers, some photos!

I think that’s it from me today…

Hope you are all well. Will be lovely to hear from you though…a little hello to know you are here and reading will be fine…



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