My dream winter home

The winter holidays are approaching and there’s a lot of thinking in our home at the moment. Now that we have a car to take us around we really want to spend holidays again somewhere where is proper winter.

Living in the south of the country it means that we don’t always get snow for Christmas or if we do that is not as much as you would get in the mountains. The girls really enjoyed being able to jump into big snow and sleigh on proper snow.

I know I am an adult now and I should not dream at things that are impossible to achieve but I do. I was born in the south of the country and as it happens I always lived in the south of some sort of a country and now I am here again but the mountains and their green and cold were always the place I dreamt to be.

I would love to spend my holiday somewhere in the Switzerland Mountains and from what I could tell the Jungfrau could probably be my favourite place of all. If I could only have the money to buy a chalet there…What can I say us women…we are dreamers aren’t we?

How peaceful life would be in a place like this…

Photo by paul itkin on Unsplash

I know life like this cannot be achievable in our days especially when you have kids that need to frequent school and work to go to. I wish I was born at least 500 years ago when life was easier and life could be lived in a different way.

Thankfully I live in country where we have our own mountains, the Carpathian Mountains and thankfully it only takes a couple of hours to get there from where we live. So my dream to have a house, a home in the mountains could actually be more achievable.

Photo by Cristian Grecu on Unsplash

But how will my new home would look like? It would certainly have to be in a place where a few other houses are around, a place where the girls could run free outside, a place where we could grow some vegetables and animals…it would be a place where we could be happy.

I imagine that we could all sit in the living in front of a fireplace with cups of hot cocoa in our hands. We will obviously sit on the floor or huge pillows and covered with thick throws and just chat and tell stories. I am sure I could find some beautiful ones to decorate my dream home in the mountains at Julian Charles . I just love this shop for everything bedding!

This is how I imagine my family. Being together is what makes me happy

I know I might be a dreamer…how do imagine your home?

There will have to be old style romanian carpets on the floor and thick curtains in the windows so that in the coolest days will be able to keep the warm inside.

Of course the entire house will have to be made out of wood. I am sure we will be able to still make it warm for us like our ancestors use to.

This is where I dream to spend the winter holidays…well if I could the rest of my life.

For now I will be happy to go rent a place like this in the Carphatian Mountains this winter and be sure to keep an eye on the blog cause I will be writing about our experience.

Where are you dreaming to spend your winter holidays?

If you would like to visit the Carpathian mountains I would love to recommend you a really nice and special place  – The Hotel Of Ice from Balea Lac. Here you will be able to sleep in at -2 to +2 degrees. Quite cool I would sa?


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  • Liz

    Wow that chalet in the mountains looks idyllic! I think that would be my dream too. The ice hotel looks kinda cool as well.

    I love getting ready for winter, shopping for snuggly bedding and lighting the fire.

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