Thoughtful gifts for new mums

One of my friends had a baby recently and I have to admit that I struggled to find something suitable to buy for her. Of course I bought little gifts – a brush and some clothes – for her daughter but besides flowers I couldn’t think of anything else to get her. But of course there are lots of things a new mum would be absolutely delighted to receive. And here I am talking about gifts that will make any mum life easier and happier.


I love having flowers in my home. And I think all women are the same. And when you just given birth and you receive flowers you know that those are especially for you.


Fortunately there are lots of ways you can offer flowers these days. You can simply go to the nearest flower shop and get a bouquet or find a business on the internet that can really bespoke the gift, I really love what “Flying Flowers” offers. Their bouquets are really beautiful and if you want to really stand out why don’t you give your bouquets an extra meaning by choosing the right birth flowers. Flying Flowers has a guide to birth flowers on their site. Take a look – Baby Bloom Horoscope.


There are lots of diaper bags out there but I will share with you my most favourite brand of all – Mia Tui. I discovered this brand 5 years ago just before I gave birth to Miss A. I still remember walking graciously pregnant through the Baby Show in London when I spotted these bags and the wonderful owner of the company. It attracted me the fact that the bags were different – they didn’t actually look like diaper bags and it had lots of compartmented space inside. If you would like to read more about it i invite you to press on the image below:

Of course 5 years passed since than and Mia Tui grow immensely since than and their bags have different designs. I must confess that despite the fact that my girls are a lot older now I till have the bag above and I use it all the time when we go to the beach or for an overnight stay despite the fact that it looks a little bit worn out now.

If I wear to buy a Mia Tui bag now I would probably go for a Sydney Changing Bag as it’s a rucksack and I like having my hands free:


Sometimes being a new mum can be such a stressful experience. If you are like me than you will definitely feel like you need to always be the best mum for your baby and be above expectations for everyone else. It’s a hard one but any new mum will love you for it.

So go on book an appointment for her at a nearby spa and maybe if you are a mum too and need unwinding too maybe you can both go and have a proper mummy day out.


Or not necessary Netflix…It could be any other streaming service like Amazon Prime or Filmbox.

I used to find it so hard to stay awake while I was feeding my girls. Thankfully my hubby always make sure that I had something to watch for the night period usually. I remember that while Miss K was little I watched the entire “Friends” series by the time she was 4 months old and with Miss A I completed the E.R. series before her 6 month anniversary. I was hooked but hey it was good to have a companion. And my girls used to eat a lot during the night by the way.


That’s something I need actually. You know how iPhones are drained of battery quite quickly when you browse the internet or you play games?

Imagine how it’s like for a new mum – stuck with a phone without battery while she’s breastfeeding her baby or while out on a walk in the park with the baby. I used to listen to streamed music during the walks and that use to drain my battery pretty fast.

One of my friends recommended the below one from Amazon and it’s apparently $100 full price but can be now bought for only $54.84:

A rechargeable battery case for her iPhone so that she never misses a moment.
That’s all I could think for now but in case I have other ideas i will definitely add up to this list. Or if you have any other ideas please do let me know and I will add them for you!
Don’t forget – always look after new mums as this is such a fragile and difficult period for them. You know it very well if you are a mum too. So remember and be kind.

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