What is that makes us happy?

I often wonder this…and I am sure that you wonder that too…

Over the last 10 years I learned that being in a certain place does not makes us happier necessarily. However, being surrounded by the your family and the people you love does have that effect.

Being happy is being able to know what you love and fill your life with what you love.

Being happy doesn’t depend on the material things. Of course, being wealthy can certainly help but how many rich people we know that are still unhappy despite having millions.

Being happy for me is being happy with who I am despite the way people around me see me.

Being happy for me is being HERE for my beautiful daughters, seeing them smile and thrive each moment in their life.

Being unhappy for me is being far away from the love of my life…but I find happiness in our fight to be all together one day.

Missing each other is not nice but it makes us appreciate the moments, hours and days when we are together.

I am happy when I see how much our love has grown and despite the fact that we are most of the time apart we speak to each other always and we always know where the other is.

Being happy is in the moment.

I learned that being in my hometown, in Bucharest or in London is not going to make me happier or sadder. I learned that you can do the things that make you happy wherever you are. But first you need to un-trap yourself from the things that make you unhappy.

Working from home works for me. Blogging and talking to my audience about my worries works for me and makes me happy.

But there are other things I love doing too. Making cakes for my girls makes me happy because they adore them.

Crocheting is another activity I enjoy. It makes me happy and relaxed.

Are you happy? Or do you know how to make yourself happy?

Just try this exercise I do every single time I struggle…

Take a piece of paper and a pen and write down the five things that you adore doing, the things that make you happy.

Than…every day after that try and do those things more and more and see how you will feel.

The more you will do the things that make you happy, the less you will do the things that make you sad and unhappy.

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