Sisters – January

A couple of years ago I was taking part in a photography blog meme along with other mummy bloggers. Unfortunately last year I stopped doing it and now looking back I really regret it as with it I also stopped taking pictures with my girls. 

I looked it up to see if this project is still going on the other blogs but I was sad to see that it doesn’t…

I mean the project was actually called “Siblings” but all 2016 and a couple of months in 2017 I recalled it “Sisters” in order to reflect our family better. After all I have two girls so…why not call it Sisters?

So here it is! I am starting again the “Sisters” meme on this blog.

A long time has passed and I am not sure if you are still up to it with everything that is happening in our life. My girls have grown and I can finally let them play together and very rarely I hear them arguing. It’s been exactly 1 year since my last Sisters post. Miss K is turning 9 in a couple of months and Miss A turn 5 last month. 

I know. I do wonder myself when all this happen? I really can’t believe it quite yet. In September Miss A will start school too…and so the baby years are definitely gone forever.

I so regret the times when they were still babies and not taking my time with them then. I wish I’d knew now how will all turn out and be more patient and live more of a #slowlife. I mean for many I probably did anyway with me being home with them most of the time…but still I can’t help regretting this time flying by so fast. 

There’s been nothing monumental happening in our life this month though. We had a busy december – daddy was home, Christmas happened and Miss A was a bit ill…and now january is just that time of the year when we are just getting used to everything being more silent again. 

Daddy had to go back to working away. And the three of us just…went back to our routine. School, nursery, working from home for me…and trying to entertain them indoors as outside is just a bit too cold. 

If we had more snow it would’ve been better as the girls enjoy playing in the snow. Plus when we have snow the temperatures are not that low and they can spend longer outside.

Can you believe we only had one biggish snow in our area and its already the end of January? Even than the it wasn’t the biggest of them either…

So yeh…we do a lot of crafting, painting and playing with lego these days. But the girls are happy with that too. And if they are happy I am of course happy too. 

I think that despite the age difference and their different interests…they are growing closer to each other and they seem to like each other company more.

Now they communicate better. They are so different but so alike in so many ways…

And I really hope that will grow up to be the best of friends. 

And that they will learn from each other. 

Miss K will learn from her sister how to be more brave and determined.

Miss A will learn from her sister how to be more calm and understanding.

So different. But so alike. Just like my sister and I.  

At least they managed to make one small snowman. Let’s just hope it will snow again soon as otherwise they will be really disappointed.

How was your January? Do you have any projects you would like to keep up with through 2018?

For now I will leave you with this quote from Amy Li:

“Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.”



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  • Flyingkids

    Great read! Some takeaways from this post – Siblings learn from each other. No matter how different the paths they take in the future, sisters will always be sisters. Nothing could ever beat the bond and relationship they have.

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