A bit late…Sisters in February

February. It was a short but really full month. We had snow and I had to shovel more snow than ever,  we had lots of things to prepare and decide and all the way through I just had only one thought…


My little baby girl,Miss A is starting school in September and although I know that it’s time and that if we were living in UK she would’ve been already in school as reception starts at 4 and a half, I am still really sad deep inside.

They are getting older and starting to face more and more challenges and I am simply getting old. And the decisions I have to take for them are harder…

Both girls had lots of fun in the snow though. And this is what made February special.

Despite being so far from daddy, the girls are still growing and thriving.

Sometimes I am worried that they are spending too much time away from daddy, and that the fact they miss him so much affects them too deeply.

But still…the fact that they are here, in my home country and close to their grandparents and romanian traditions is really good for them.

They are getting to grow being able to run around the garden and enjoy the simple things, they grow up being able to just walk alone from school if they choose too and having friends close by that they can meet without having to schedule a play date.

I am happy they are getting to live a life where the dangers are not as big in a small little town where people are still value you friendly and smile when they meet you.

Maybe I am wrong that I have made my life mostly about my girls than anything else but isn’t that what parents should do?

What do you think? Better grow your children in a small city in Romania or in one of the busiest city of the world, London?


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