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A Father’s Guide to Buying Gifts for Father’s Day

A week from today will be the most important day in the family Calendar, yes I am talking about Fathers day.

That day when you appreciate, and give thanks for all things Dad like. The single day of the year when Dad dancing is permitted, when you will actually laugh at dad jokes and when falling asleep in the armchair after dinner is not only welcomed, but expected. Much like Christmas in fact.

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But with the clock ticking and time running short, have you given enough thought as to how you will show your appreciation to the man that has through life, being the source of comfort, security, guidance, and in later life, embarrassment on many occasion. You’ve got to love the dad dance.

So, if I may be so bold as to make a suggestion, you could do much worse than head over to UK Gifts  and browse through their Father’s day selection. 

Here you will find all the things a dad could wish for on this very special day. Gift experiences if he’s currently going through a midlife crisis, a watch if he’s constantly running late, fitness trackers if he’s starting to get a little cuddly in his old age, aftershave and body care if he’s started to neglect himself, or you could spruce up his wardrobe if he’s starting to dress older than his years.

You could of course, go for that old tried and tested gift of socks and undies, but if you do be prepared to be ejected from the family home and immediately disowned. After all, a gift without thought is worse than no gift at all. You have been warned!

However, the right gift will result in a smile, a hug and maybe even a short bout of dad dancing. But Father’s day is the one day when you’re not allowed to be embarrassed by it, though you may laugh about it later.

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