6 Original Ways to Get Kids Ready for Essay Writing at College

One of the complex skills which most students actually need in order to be successful is writing. This is due to the fact that everything in an academic year is based on writing and a student with good writing skill will perform better compared to those with a poor writing skill. The process of improving a student’s writing is not only limited to his teachers alone, as parents too can help improve their ward’s writing skills.

What is essay writing?

According to Wikipedia (2018), generally, an essay is a piece of writing, which portrays an author’s thought or point of view. An essay is any piece of writing, which is constructed for a particular purpose, and must be unique to the author(s) alone. It may be descriptive, comparison and contrast, persuasive, argumentative, expository or narrative. Examples of essays are academic writing, content writing, political manifestos, observation of daily life, recollection, literary criticism and so on. To produce a good essay writing, it must possess certain features and attributes. Which includes; having a focus, well developed, having unity, coherent and be error free.

Tips for preparing college students for good essay writing

Below are tips every mom/teacher should employ for preparing students for a good essay writing. These tips not only apply to children but teens and adult alike. They include:

  1. Applaud good writing and penalize poor writing: Motivation of a student is one of the ways in which he/she improves in performance. A reward placed on good thought and clear writing will definitely encourage the student to perform better, knowing fully well that a bonus point will be available for those who express themselves better on paper. Aside from this, emphasis should be laid on the fact that a poor writing skill will bring the exact opposite of the proposition. Encouraging them to utilize online sources will also help improve their writing skills without your direct assistance.
  2. Work on their mindset: Although stating rules and expectations may compel them to perform better, but it is not enough as it may not work for all students. Non-intrusive motivation technique which will inspire them instead of scaring them can be applied. Violence may not be the best solution to ensuring students perform better with their writing skills, as a little story of successful individuals who achieved success via writing may spur the zeal within the students to enjoy writing.
  3. Make them practice often: A lot of practice brings better performance as a constant and repetitive practice of a particular activity makes a better skill. Organizing a brief writing section daily can be done to improve their writing skills. Although it may be painful to them at first, with consistency, they keep improving in their essay writing skills. These writing sections can be combined with their home assignments and will help them to pull off better words, content, and ideas. Also creating a diversion in written topics can help them explore various aspects of writing, and understand the differences involved.
  4. Provide instructions throughout the learning process: Taking a few moments to explain what an essay writing should entail will go a long way in guiding the student on writing a good essay. Emphasis should be made on creating a clear and concise outline to guide the student through the essay topic. Also giving them a starting point as well as few techniques which will save them time and energy may be of help to them as a template.
  5. Providing helpful feedback: Besides teaching, the teacher is expected to provide quality feedback which will contain specific tips and correction to their essay writing. This is due to the fact that the student looks forward to perfection, and it can only be achieved when they are reminded of their mistakes. Also, it will help you understand where they get the writing wrong and help them correct that aspect of their writing skill.
  6. Have them read a lot: A lot of reading will help with a well-constructed essay writing. Have your student read a lot, and keep reminding them that successful writers are keen readers, and there should be a friendly relationship between reading and writing to obtain a good essay. Well-constructed reading materials should be provided for the students to consume on a daily basis, offering them where to look when starting a reading process, the styles of reading different articles, and the types of structures expected of a different essay. In doing so, they improve greatly when it comes to choosing their words, constructing their own sentences and writing a good essay. 

In conclusion, essay writing which is a representation of an author’s thought or point of view pertaining to a particular topic is often required of students throughout their academic pursuit, as it involves constructing a write up for a particular purpose being an explanatory, descriptive or expository write up, and it shows an author’s point of view pertaining a particular central idea. A good essay has various features and attributes and speaks well of the author.

Writing a good essay should not only be left for teachers in academic environments to inculcate into a student’s habit, as the parents play a vital role in the manipulation of the child’s mindset. This article has been written to enlist various tips required of mom as well as a teacher in order to successfully guide a child into writing a good college essay. For a well-constructed essay, plagiarism free and 100% content clarity at an affordable price, contact college essay writing service – CustomWritings.com.

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